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“Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and…” Magazine-handbook is published since 2002 and its team gained a real respect for its activities as among Russian experts and traders as well among well-known foreign trade companies and manufactures.

The magazine contains the information: on a choice of products, about installation features of various constructions, reference materials, basic technical characteristics of different products, some information from the normative documentation, reviews of printed editions, etc. Thus, the information from the magazine, carrying help character, does not become outdated for a long time. It is claimed by the maximal circle of employees and the experts participating in decision-making on use of this or that product.

The important feature is that the help information in the magazine has a long-term character, it is actual for experts, they come back repeatedly to it and accordingly to the advertisements, which are presented in the edition in well balanced amount.

Our partners: leading Russian and foreign manufacturers and sellers of fasteners, adhesives, tools, publishers of reference technical literature, the Centers of Scientific-Technical Information (CSTI). On the pages of the magazine you can find the materials of as well-known foreign firms as HILTI, 3М, HENKEL, BOLLHOFF, NEDSCHROEF, WAFIOS and others.

You can get the initial information about our magazine through the Internet, from the catalogues of different industrial - building exhibitions of Russia. At our website www.fastinfo.ru you can find PDF-copies of the latest issues of the magazine; advertisers’ banners, linked to their websites; a list of main Russian and foreign exhibitions, we cooperate with. We participate in the main trade shows, devoted to fasteners, tools, assembly technologies, construction, machinery and auto mechanics.

Distribution: at specialized exhibitions in Moscow, St.Petersburg and in other industrial centers of Russia, on subscription, dispatches to Russian enterprises and CSTI. By subscription the copies of the magazine are received in different cities all over Russia. Selective dispatches are carried out in view of subjects of the articles and the promotional materials.

As the subscription and distribution of the magazine at the exhibitions testifies, the readers of our magazine are the experts of very different branches interested in the development of new technologies of installation, assembly.

Periodicity: 4 times a year. Circulation of the magazine - 9500 copies. Our specialists are specifying a real readers’ audience. According to the preliminary data of the selective interrogation one copy of the magazine is read by 2-5 employees of a firm.

We see our mission in providing the readers with technical supportive information as well as in promoting foreign companies based on high-quality products and advanced technology into the Russian market.

So we are not only a publisher, we can help you to find partners in Russia by our personal contacts. The team of “Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and…” Magazine can give a real support for your company to enter the Russian market.



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Alexander Ostashov
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