"Bulten-Rus" is recognized by Adam Smith Institute as the best new project of auto component market in Russia in 2014


Swedish manufacturer of fasteners – the company Bulten – has won the award the 18th annual Russian Automotive Forum of Adam Smith Conference in the category "The best entering the market" for the organization of "Bulten-Rus", a joint venture with "GAZ Group" (the part of the largest in Russia diversified industrial group "Basic Element").

The prize was handed to Tommy Andersson, the president and executive director of Bulten, at the forum of Adam Smith, which was held in Moscow from 17 to 19 March.

Ben Hammersley, leading the ceremony, a journalist of BBC World News TV-channel, announced: “ Best Market Newcomer Award 2014 is awarded to the company Bulten for successful implementation of the development strategy in the Russian market. Bulten - a leading supplier of automotive fasteners with five factories around the world. The company "Bulten-Rus" is a joint venture of Bulten with "Automotive components" division of "GAZ Group".

Tommy Andersson, President and CEO of Bulten, explained: “The company "Bulten-Rus" was opened at the site of GAZ in 2014 with the purpose of elimination the high-quality automotive fasteners to the Russian market. Currently the plant is certified by major Russian and foreign automakers. The base of the plant in Nizhny Novgorod is a project of long-term Bulten investment, aimed at developing the production of components in Russia. Activities of "Bulten-Rus” is concentrated in the Nizhny Novgorod, but logistics solutions and engineering support will be available, if needed, also in other cities.

Kirilll Epstein, director of "Automotive components" division of "GAZ Group" commented: “Cooperation with Bulten - an important step in implementing the strategy of the Russian car industry in the localization of automotive components production and import substitution. "Bulten-Rus" continues our projects for the organization, in the perimeter of GAZ, the modern production of world-class components. The products of "Bulten-Rus" is already used at the manufacture of a new line of GAZ commercial vehicles – the cars “NEXT”.