Fastener Fair Russia is obvious success


A few days passed after the Fastener Fair Russia. Show statistics is not yet published, new agreements, reached on its territory, are not implemented. But we know the opinion of many visitors and exhibitors.

We talked with many of them at the exhibition inside and outside it. They say what Fastener Fair Russia is obvious success.

It was not just "Petersburg Fastener Exhibition". There was implemented the Russian part of Fastener Fair - a well-known industrial project, which now is fulfilled in many countries around the world.

It is the first time that in Russia at the same site there was displayed a wide range of modern fastener of leading foreign companies and their representatives.

The exhibition showed a great interest in the Russian market from not only the exhibitors. For example, at our stand we were addressed by the foreign visitors, representatives of companies, which were eager to enter the Russian market.

Also at the exhibition there took part the fasteners equipment suppliers and the leading Russian manufacturers of fasteners.

In the frame of the fair business program there was another important event - discussion of the projects on new standards for high-strength fasteners by specialists.

Exhibitors and visitors of Fastener Fair Russia got a new issue of "Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and..." magazine .

Read more information on the first Fastener Fair Russia, the plans for its development in the following news at our website and in the next issue of "Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and..." magazine.