In Volgograd it is launched, in the test mode, the new hardware production


At the site of ” Volgograd Hardware Plant” the new production operates - in fact, we are talking about the revival of Volgograd bankrupt and liquidated company – “Volgograd Plant of Tractor Parts and Normals”.

General Director of "Volgograd Hardware Plant" - Andrei Petrov. Currently on the territory of the enterprise it is made dismantling of the equipment, unfit for production. Among the dismantling equipment there are the German machines brought from Germany as reparations in 1945. At the plant, in the workshop of ​​33 000 sq. meters area, they have established a new production, which is still carried out in the test mode. About 50 employees are engaged in the production of bolts and nuts for the needs of general engineering. In the production of fasteners more than 100 machines are involved. Among the plans of development - to replenish the range of production with springs.

When the output of production is at full capacity it is planned to produce about 1.5 million tons of metal products per month, which, according to General Director of the company, is comparable with the rates of the plant-precursor, located on this territory earlier.