"Union of manufacturers and suppliers of fixing systems" is replenished with new participants


Attendees at the regular meeting of "Union of manufacturers and suppliers of fixing systems", held on June 6, learned about its new member. The application for joining the Fixing Union was submitted by the Group of Companies "Partner" from St. Petersburg. Beside this company, in the current year, the association of fasteners adopted “Himtex” (St. Petersburg).
The Supervisory Board of the Fixing Union, also expanded in 2017, currently includes the leading specialists of the Center for Facade Systems, NIIZhB by Gvozdev, StroyExpertiza LLC, CA Composite-Test JSC, as well as the chief editor of “Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and…” Magazine. The meeting of the Fixing Union was mainly devoted to a number of organizational and technical issues related to the development of GOSTs for anchorages. In particular, it was a question of participation in the development of the draft national standard "Plate anchors for fixing the heat-insulating layer in the facade heat-insulating composite systems with external plaster layers. Methods of testing".
Among other issues, the meeting discussed the creation of a training project for erection work using anchor technology.
The meeting participants outlined further steps related to the earlier letter from the Union regarding the deviation of anchor geometry from the one specified in the Technical Assessment for products that have Technical Certificates.