Work on the development of a regulatory base for anchoring intensified in 2016


Most anchor fasteners for construction and installation work is delivered to Russia from abroad. Production of metal anchors of many species is missing here. This explains the gaps in the regulatory documentation for anchor fixings and their components.
The first conference in Russia on this subject, held this spring in St. Petersburg, has identified a number of important issues and different positions of the persons, connected with an anchor technique. By specialists there was "outlined" the current situation, which requires the urgent decisions to ensure the safety of created objects. The conference introduced the concept of development of the Russian regulatory base in the field of anchor fixings.

This year on June, 1 in Russia GOST R 56731-2015 "Mechanical anchors for fastening in concrete. Test Methods" was enacted. This standard was developed by the specialists of NIIZhB (Research Institute of concrete). At present the work on the draft of the national standard "The anchor fixings for building. Terms and Definitions. Classification" is carried out.