№ 1 (31), 2010

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“Fastener+Fixing” News

Exhibition with a new name was launched in Cologne

Modern fasteners application  …

The article substantiates the need for a technological breakthrough for the renewal and the immediate introduction of modern progressive fasteners in the auto-assembly plants in Russia. Looking for new technical solutions in design of threaded fastener connections, a sharp increase in their quality, design and implementation of national standards for fasteners to meet modern standards of world-class ISO, DIN, unification of structures. Use of fasteners of innovative designs – it is a reserve to reduce the complexity of assembly operations at car factories, improving the reliability of threaded joints.

How to revive the hardware industry?   

The author proposes some measures to upgrade the hardware industry.
He draws attention to the fact that this global challenge can not be solved in each separate sector of the Russian industry.


"Russian fastener manufacturers have good prospects”

Specialists of NEDSCHROEF holding: Mark Van Teal, General Sales Manager of NEDSCHROEF HERENTALS N.V. and Ferdinand Kersten, Director Techno Center of NEDSCHROEF HOLDING B.V. answer the questions of Alexander Ostashev, Chief Editor of "Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and ..." Magazine.


"Easy" to buy  and "easy" to make – how is it?

The article briefly describes how to organize the hardware production. With what you should start organizing the production. The first tasks in solving this problem: definition of parts range, determination of output volume, identification of consumers for these products. The basic directions in the organization of production: technical, technological and human resources.


Press machines for the production of fasteners and fittings

A brief information about the variety of press machines by company WAFIOS (Germany), among which there are two-position three-strike  press machines. Rotor technology of this equipment is described. The system of linear feeding of the press machine is represented.


Decision of the participants of "Modern production of fasteners" conference

Decision of the Russian participants of "Modern production of fasteners” conference, held on 26 and 27 November 2009 in Moscow, is published here. The participants believe in the current need for urgent action to solve many issues, backlogged in the Russian branch of fastener production. In this regard the actions for different persons in order to promote the development of fastener production in Russia are recommended.


"Quality products and long-term commitments are the pre-requisites for success"

Here is the information about the largest in India and Europe manufacturer and supplier of fasteners Deepak Fasteners Group. It contains basic information about the supplied fasteners. The company is looking for distributors/stockists and business development managers in different regions in Russia.


Reliable corrosion protection for the automotive industry

The article contains information about zinc flakecoating systems. Today these systems are used worldwide, as they meet high standards of the automotive industry. On the European market more than 50% of the fasteners have zinc flakecoating. These non-electrolytic applied, zinc flake coatings provide reliable protection where the classical methods, such as hot dip electroplating and zinc electroplating cannot be used for technical reasons


Who has Technical Certificate for fasteners?

Here is the information about firms which have received Technical Certificates for the fasteners, as of February 9, 2010 The official confirmation of the suitability of new products for use in the construction is Technical Certificate of State Construction Committee (Gosstroy) of Russia.



Elements of fasteners. The rod portion and the ends of screws and bolts

This material completes the description and analysis of structural elements of rod threaded fasteners, the most used in engineering.
The tables display the forms of threaded rod and the forms of threaded rod points of bolts, screws, studs. The author gives an explanation on the appointment of fasteners, having various design elements.


About fasteners ABC

The editorial board of "Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and ..." Magazine has decided to create a section "ABC of fasteners”. In this section variants of names  for different  fastener items etc. will be published. As a result of publications we plan to release a fastener dictionary, which will be distributed at trade shows and will be posted in the public domains at various Internet resources. The editorial board of "Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and ..." Magazine invites everybody who wish to participate in the work at "ABC of fasteners”.


Meet: Firm Reyher

This article - an editorial reporting. The editorial board of "Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and ..." Magazine visited one of the largest and most famous European firms supplying fasteners - a company Reyher, located in Hamburg. The article presents information about the firm Reyher, about its great reconstruction work for the future successful business development.


"Moment ..." - now this is also an anchor

Among different types of fasteners there is one species, which has many virtues, it is a chemical / adhesive anchor. In 2009 the unit "Household glues" of Henkel company received a Technical Certificate of fitness of adhesive anchors "Moment Krepezh" CF 850 and CF900 for use in the Russian construction industry. This article contains basic information about these anchors and their application.


Drills for concrete  

The information on the drills for making holes in concrete and stone is given in the article. It also provides the information about the features of their application.