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Main events in Russia for distribution

Issue Print in Name (city, month)
1/2020 March

St. Petersburg Technical Fair (St. Petersburg, March)
Conference “Fasteners. Quality and Responsibility” (St. Petersburg, March)
Stroy-Volga (Volgograd, April)
Batimat Russia (Moscow, April)
MosBuild (Moscow, April)
Ural industrial and economic week (Chelyabinsk, April)
Stroy-Expo Tatarstan (Naberezhnye Chelny, April)
Zagorodny Dom (Moscow, April)
WorldBuild St. Petersburg (Moscow, April)
Transport and Roads of Siberia. Special Equipment (Irkutsk, April)
Spring Construction Forum (Ufa, April)
Machine building. Machine tools. Tools and instruments (Nizhny Novgorod, April)
Power engineering. Energy Efficiency (Saratov, April)
Construction. Power Engineering (Ekaterinburg, April)
Construction and improvement (Sochi, April)
VolgaStroyExpo (Kazan, April)
Svarka / Welding (St. Petersburg, April)
Energetika & Elektrotechnika (St. Petersburg, April)
ChelBuild (Chelyabinsk, May)
Metalloobrabotka (Moscow, May)
Energetika (Nizhny Novgorod, May)
Russian Architecture and Construction Forum (Nizhny Novgorod, May)
Low-rise House Building Show (Krasnoyarsk, May)
ClimatAquaTEx (Krasnoyarsk, May)
Voronezh Industrial Forum (Voronezh, May)
Baikal Construction Week (Irkutsk, May)
Energy Efficiency. Housing and Public Utilities (Irkutsk, May)
Technodrev Dalniy Vostok (Khabarovsk, May)
DalExpoMebel (Khabarovsk, May)
Steel Structures (Moscow, May)

2/2020 May MIMS Automechanika Moscow (Moscow, August)
InterAuto (Moscow, August)
Tatarstan Oil, Gas, Petrochemistry Forum (Kazan, September)
Transport of DV region. AutoStihiya (Khabarovsk, September)
Wood Working Industry of Siberia. Wooden House Construction (Irkutsk, September)
InnoStroy (Chelyabinsk, September)
Oil and Gas. Fuel and Energy complex (Tyumen, September)
Autumn Construction Forum (Kazan, September)
PromExpo (Volgograd, September)
StroyExpo (Kazan, September)
MotorExpoShow (Krasnoyarsk, September)
UralStroyIndustry (Ufa, September)
Conference “Wire – Fasteners” (Gelendzhik, September)
3/2020 September Conference “Wire – Fasteners” (Gelendzhik, September)
TechnoExpo. Mechanical engineering. Metalworking. Welding (Chelyabinsk, October)
HouseBuild (St. Petersburg, October)
ExpoCoating – Coatings and Surface Treatment (Moscow, October)
FastTec Moscow (Moscow, October)
Mashex Moscow (Moscow, October)
Russian Energy Forum (Ufa, October)
Sochi-Build (Sochi, November)
MITEX (Moscow, November)
Metal-Expo (Moscow, November)
Metalworking (Ekaterinburg, November)
Welding. Monitoring and Diagnostics (Ekaterinburg, November)
Power Engineering (Ekaterinburg, November)
Siberian Energy Forum (Krasnoyarsk, November)
Russian Industrialist (St. Petersburg, November)
Mechanical Engineering. Metalworking. Kazan (Kazan, December)
4/2020 December Construction and Architecture (Krasnoyarsk, January)
TechStroyExpo. Roads (Krasnoyarsk, January)
Metalworking and Welding (Krasnoyarsk, January)
Power Engineering (Samara, February)
Kama Industrial Forum (Naberezhnye Chelny, February)
Composite-Expo (Moscow, February)
Polyurethanex (Moscow, February)
Russian Industry Forum (Ufa, February)
Construction and Architecture (Tyumen, March)
HouseBuild (St. Petersburg, March)
St. Petersburg Technical Fair (St. Petersburg, March)
Metalworking. Welding (Ekaterinburg, March)
StroyExpo (Volgograd, March)
Electro. Energy savings (Volgograd, March)
Mashex Siberia (Novosibirsk, March)
St. Petersburg Technical Fair (St. Petersburg, March)
Conference “Fasteners. Quality and Responsibility” (St. Petersburg, March)


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