№ 1 (35), 2011

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Improvement of the technical level of vehicles using advanced fastening systems
The article examines the level of application of modern fastener connections in the domestic automotive industry. Promising species of fasteners for cars are considered. The main directions of development of fastening systems and their components in domestic vehicles are formulated and listed here.

Methodology for creating of new techniques and technologies
Multifactor mathematical modeling - one of the areas of information support for the creation of high quality products, high technology, intelligent measuring instruments and new materials. The article gives the information about
developed information technology for multivariate statistical models and conducting multi-criteria optimization. Applied information technology for high-tech experiments evolved over more than two decades. It allows specialists to solve different classes of problems listed in the publication. The examples of successful implementations are given.

Russian fasteners of European quality - it's real!
The interview of Alexander Ostashev, Chief Editor of "Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and ..." Magazine, with Oleg Droevsky, Director of "Sormat Ost “is posted. The enterprise "Sormat Ost” is a manufacturer of plastic fasteners. Today the product range of the plant - more than 70 standard sizes of fasteners. Products of the company "Sormat Ost” are supplied to Russia and European countries.

Labyrinths of the quality
The article gives a panoramic view on the issue of ensuring the required quality. Different views on the quality of the products according to different situations are provided here. The question of expediency of fasteners comparison without being tied to a particular application is considered. The connection of prices and products quality, which is frequently cited in promotional materials, is discussed in the article.

Manufacture of fasteners. Control of products parameters
This article describes the types of controls during the manufacture of the most common metal fasteners. Procedures and monitoring tools are surveillance considered. The notation of normative documents regulating control in the manufacture of bolts and nuts are given.

The technology of RIVKLE ® connections is developing
The article describes the rivet nuts RIVKLE ® of Böllhoff company. Attention is paid to new types of these products for special applications. The reference table to facilitate the selection of rivet nut RIVKLE ® is given.

The memory effect of alloys shape in design and technology of details connections
This article describes the shape memory effect in metals and alloys. The basic materials with this property are described. The properties of these materials, which may be useful in developing of new products are specified. The design and technology of parts connections made using materials which have these effects are reviewed.

Encapsulated polymer materials with self-healing effect
This article describes one of the ways of implementing self-healing effect. The method is based on the creation of hybrid materials within which there are special substances. The use of these materials leads to an increase in design durability. The variants of this idea are considered here. Self-healing effect is shown schematically.

Tools for fast gluing
A brief overview of the characteristics of thermal glue instruments is given. The background information on thermal glue pistols and use of hot-melt glue is provided.


Work on mistakes in the wooden construction
That's a chair, sit on it?

ABC of fasteners
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