№ 1 (39), 2012

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Fastener Fair comes to Russia

This is an interview of Alexander Ostashov, Chief Editor of "Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and ..." Magazine, with Natalia Galkina, Project Manager of Fastener Fair Russia.

History of Fastener Fair
Innovations at Wire Düsseldorf
Introducing of fastener factory Yu Yao from China
"Severstal-metiz" is increasing the rate of fastener production

Information on retooling of  fastener production at "Severstal-metiz" in Orel and also the production plans are presented.

Stainless steel VNS-74 for the manufacture of high-strength fasteners

The drawbacks of stainless steel for the manufacture of fasteners, used in aircraft products, are pointed. In order to elimination of these deficiencies the nitrogen alloyed stainless martensitic steel VNS-74, doped with nitrogen and niobium, has been developed. The characteristics and chemical composition of this steel are given.

To the choice of  materials for high-strength fasteners in nuclear power

Basic requirements to the metals for producing of high-strength threaded parts of critical applications, including those for nuclear power plants (NPP), are specified. A list of steels, used for producing of NPP fasteners is given. There are references to other materials for possible use for this purpose.

Standartization and production of threaded fasteners for the hot-dip galvanizing

The main zinc coating for high-strength threaded fasteners are pointed. Calculation of the maximum thickness of the protective metal coating of bolts and nuts with a large thread pitch and tolerance fields of 6g  for bolts and of 6H for nuts is given.
The requirements for fasteners with the larger tolerance fields of the main deviations of thread profile are considered.

Rivets from ... glue

S.A. Deryabin’s  invention to bond of solid sheet materials together and to connect them with different designs is described. It is proposed to use special capsules made of flexible film material, filled with a viscous solidifying mass. As this mass can be used, for example, compounds known as "cold welding", based on epoxy resins.

Reliable connections of pipe lines

Information about the company Teekay couplings Tailor Kerr Ltd. Various types of couplings and their structural features are described. Information on the use of couplings in different industries and in construction is provided. Recommendations on the choice of couplings are given here.

Equipment for the leaders of nail production

We give an interview of Alexander Ostashov, Chief Editor of "Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and ..." Magazine, with Uffe Bisgaard Pedersen, Area Sales Manager of ENKOTEC A/S. In his responses the features of nail machines ENKOTEC, based on the principle of rotary nail forming, allowing to combine the processes of submission, wire cutting and hat shaping in a single continuous process, are considered. Information about the model range of machine tools of the company is provided.

Natural adhesives and composite materials

Several types of natural adhesive materials, for which scientists are currently working to create artificial analogues, are presented. There reflected the views of scientists on the directions of research.

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