№ 1 (43), 2013

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Course for success - with fittings

All roads lead to Inox Mare

New portal for 3D models of fasteners

The technical level of standard fasteners

The author presents a synthesis and comprehensive assessment of the technical level of the existing regulatory framework in Russia on fasteners. The ability to optimize connections to improve reliability and reduce costs is provided by modern fastener designs that should be reflected in the Russian standards. Attention is paid to participation of wider circle of experts in fastener connections improvement.

Why do we need a national standard?

Russia's entry into the World Trade Organization has made the issue of harmonization of relevant national and international standards actual. There is an opinion of the experts from European firms about  the preferred adopting in Russia of regulations, identical to international and European standards. Another position in the formation of standards is based on the opinion of the Russian experts, such as on general issues of building standards and other issues. As an example there was selected the draft of national standard, developed on the basis of the international standard ISO 13918:2008 (E) «Welding - Studs and ceramic ferrules for arc stud welding».

Quality of fastening. Difficulties are in details

The issues of providing of high quality of bolt connections in various stages of production and sale are considered. The reasons that lead to defects in the fasteners and the examples of defects are given. Here you can find the recommendations for buyers of high quality parts of the bolt kits.

Application of anti-friction coatings Molykote ® for high-strength fasteners

Anti-friction coatings on the basis of solid lubricants for high-strength fasteners are considered. The characteristics of different brands of anti-friction coatings Molykote ® are given.

To assess the effect of different brands of anti-friction coatings Molykote ® for rate of tightening and changing the corrosion resistance of nuts, tests were made of hot-galvanized fasteners M22 class 8.8. The results are shown in the table.

Mounting gun Hilti DX 76-MX

Here is a brief description of the new powder tool from Hilti. Its use for fixing of profiled sheeting to the steel structures is considered.

Other application areas of the tool are pointed. The author examines the use of anchor stops HILTI X-HVB, which can be also fixed conveniently with the mounting gun HILTI DX 76-MX.

Joseph Dresselhaus Gmbh & Co. KG - a reliable partner

Hidden fasteners of wooden terraces and facades

A classification of the existing types of hidden fasteners for flooring of wood and wood-polymer composite is given. The features of the main types of hidden fasteners are described. There are recommendations on the choice of fasteners for various kinds of wooden surfaces of building structures.

Metalware, move!

The information about the new plastic fasteners, which production have been mastered by St. Petersburg plant "Evropartner” is given. An anchor for thin sheet materials PVA M is described. Anchor material - glass fiber reinforced nylon, so the anchor can be used for all types of drywall. A dowel-nail, which consists entirely of plastic parts, and the nail of nylon as a separate product are presented here. The basic advantages of the new nails made of nylon are described.

Is there a future of threaded connections?

The basis for this publication was the  report "Innovative technical solutions for high-strength connections" at the scientific and technical conference "High-strength fasteners: Quality and Responsibility" 14.03.2012. In this issue of the magazine the second part of the article about the perfection degree of threaded connections is published.

The author considers key issues for improving the threaded connections and gives some concrete examples of these trends realization. Analyzing outlined possible ways of threaded connections improving, the author comes to the conclusion that the transition to the new strategy in implementation of the parts for detachable threadless connections is actual.

Adhesive threaded connections

In this issue of the magazine you can read the second part of the article, which focuses on locking and sealing of threaded connections. Variants of technological process of adhesive threaded connections are described. There are recommendations for choosing a particular brand of anaerobic adhesive, the features of applying of anaerobic compounds to the detail surface and storing features of these compounds. The table shows the coefficient values of preservation of anaerobic adhesives properties.

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