№ 1 (47), 2014

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BelZAN updates its equipment and the Russian standards

BelZAN JSC conducts re-equipment and introduces new technology  of fastener manufacturing. The company as a leader in the production of automotive fasteners in Russia initiates the development and implementation of new standards based on DIN, EN, ISO documents.

Who develops ISO standards on fasteners?

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of threaded pastes at assembly and operation of stainless steel fasteners in corrosion active environments

The article considers the  task  - to study performance properties of bolt-sets, greased with pastes Molykote, after prolonged exposure of corrosive environments.
To solve this problem in the laboratory Melnikov TsNIIPSK the bolt-sets, greased with pastes Molykote, subjected to accelerated corrosion tests with simulated maritime and industrial environment. The resulted data confirm that the use of threaded pastes Molykote allow not only to make a qualitative tightness, but if necessary, to disassemble the threaded connection without damage after  prolonged usage at highly corrosive environments.

On the application of the spring washers in threaded connections

Transition of the domestic industry to the production and use of modern fasteners promote updating and creating new Russian standards. The need to revise the relation  to applicability of obsolete fasteners - imaginary locking elements - spring washers - in the domestic industry is obvious. Technical literature, textbooks on machine parts and related disciplines, the practice of teaching in technical institutions should help this.
Wood screw yesterday and today

The main historical stages in the development of technologies related to the use of screws are considered here. The information about the design features of modern products of this species is given. The author provides the information on trends in threaded fasteners for timber constructions.

New tools Fein enable new technologies

The publication is devoted to disclosure of advantages of cordless tools Fein with brushless motor, thanks to which, for example, it became possible to work with the new structural coupling elements – the screws of great length.

Is there a future of threaded connections?

The article continues the publication series beginning in previous issues. The author continues to review the possibility of replacing threaded connections onto mechanical threadless connections. He attracts attention to the connections with eccentrics. Some other examples of threadless connections - more complex bayonet and rack-and-pinion connections are given.

How the association was established

Stages of Adhesives and Sealants Manufacturers Association (APKG) creation are described. The new association represents the interests of manufacturers of adhesives and sealants, raw materials and equipment for their production.

Achievements and challenges in the field of adhesives 

A brief review of the performances of experts on the prospects and problems of the adhesive industry and some applications of adhesives is given. These expert reports were made at the conference "Recent advances in the field of adhesives and sealants. Materials, raw materials, technology", which was held on 17-19 September 2013 in Dzerzhinsk.

Calendar of the foreign exhibitions 

CIFM / interzum guangzhou 2014

Problems of achieving  the set ppm values

Who has the Technical Certificate?

GOSTs on fasteners, entered into force since 01.01.2014   

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