№ 1 (55), 2016

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SACMA Group. Winning Technlogies®

The production capabilities of Sacma Group (Italy) after the acquisition of new equipment is described in the article. On its production site in Limbiate the company Sacma has established three flexible machining centers, milling machines of horizontal type, a milling complex of vertical type and a turning complex of vertical type. The dynamism and the synergy, created by the development and design departments of the companies Sacma and Ingramatic, allow the group to introduce at the market new models of equipment for hardware plants, using original technological solutions.

United association of the Italian fastener manufacturers UPIVEB is more than 50 years old
The basic stages of development of fasteners production in Italy are described in the publication. The history of creation and development of the associations in this industry sector is presented by the author.

IV Conference "Fasteners. Quality and Responsibility" has gathered the leading experts of the Russian fastener market

It is listed the speakers and topics of presentations, made during the conference. The most pressing issues, which were raised by the participants, are stressed. The central questions were the issues, concerning the quality and standardization of fasteners. The final recommendations of the conference participants are presented.

Reliable fastening in masonry
Types of destruction of anchoring in brick are similar to the destruction in concrete, but there is a kind of destruction, which is valid only for masonry - pulling a brick under the influence of tensile and shear forces. A schematic diagram of the load-bearing capacity test of anchoring in the brickwork is shown. The innovative chemical anchor of Hilti HIT-HY 270 for fixing the products and equipment to the protective structures, made of the corpulent and hollow bricks, is described.

The use of non-destructive testing methods for anchor fixings tests
The bearing capacity of anchor at a particular object is determined, at the first place, by the right choice of the test site. Only in this case it can be provided the calculated bearing capacity of anchors. It is recommended to pay attention to the search for the areas with the lowest strength, as referred to in paragraph 4.3. STO-44416204-010-2010 "Anchor fixing. Method for determination of the bearing capacity by the results of field tests”. The author considers the effective ways of searching such sites: thermal imaging inspection and ultrasonic method in accordance with GOST 17624-2012.

Again about the quality of fasteners or the secrets of a cheap stud
It is presented the performed by the authors quality control of the fastening element – a meter pin M12, strength class 5.8, which is widely used in the construction. The following tests were carried out: control of geometrical parameters, control of the thread profile angle, the definition of mechanical characteristics at static tensile, the try load test, the test of torsion and shear, determination of the coating thickness.
The studies were conducted on the import studs (China), supplied to the domestic market by the company "TK Bolt.Ru" and by another firm, which has its recognizable face at the Russian fastener market.

New approaches to determination of the properties of the plastic rod threaded fasteners
A new technique for determining the properties of the plastic rod threaded fasteners, aimed at simplifying the testing process and ensure the possibility of determining a particularly important characteristic of plasticity - relative uniform elongation, as well as improvement the accuracy and reliability of the measurement of the residual plastic deformation of the fastener after exposure of the maximum axial tensile load. In addition the method allows to determine the deformation of the fastener in the failure zone after the break.

Influence of mechanical stress to the quality of insulating flange connections
It is provided the information about the tests of pieces of insulating flange joints at conduits to meet the additional requirements to them of PJSC Gazprom. It is generalized the experience of ZDT Rekom Ltd. in development of these products to pass the qualification tests for inclusion them in the register of the main suppliers of PJSC Gazprom. For fulfilling the acceptance testing at the factory they designed and manufactured two unique stands.

Innovative technologies of sheet metal parts connection
The article discusses some of the possible types and methods of connections, which, in the author’s opinion, seem to be most promising for the assembly of sheet metal parts. Among these methods the author includes: mechanical methods without the use of special fasteners, plastic deformation, some welding methods, techniques of thermo-friction processing and parts assembly, the use of threaded and unthreaded fasteners. This publication is the first part of the article about mechanical methods without the use of special fasteners.

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