№ 1 (59), 2017

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Standards for fasteners as a way to quality
It is posted a summary of the main speeches at the conference "Fasteners. Quality and Responsibility", which was held in St. Petersburg on 23-24 of November 2016. The final recommendations of the conference are presented.

Responsibility for defective fasteners
The different versions of the definition of the term "responsibility" are given. The information about the regulations related to the work on the claims for product quality is presented.

Review of technological processes of fasteners manufacturing
The stages of technological process of fasteners manufacturing for general industrial use are listed. The basic data on the typal technologies of production of fasteners by cold heading are given.

Protective zinc-based coatings for high-strength fasteners
The comparative overview of the various anti-corrosive zinc coatings for high-strength fasteners is presented. According to the authors, it seems necessary to develop a new coating for the protection of high-strength fasteners, which will be a synthesis of the lamellar and thermal diffusion zinc coatings.

What determines the operability of the threaded connection?
The general idea of the variety of operational factors, which impact the strength of fastening materials and operability of threaded connections, are given by the classification, presented in the publication as a picture. This article is prepared on the basis of the materials from the book of Vladimir Gorynin "High-strength materials for threaded connections".

Electrochemical corrosion and compatibility of dissimilar materials in the areas of bolted and riveted joints
The information about the contact corrosion is published. It is noted that the galvanic couples, resulting from the contact with the fastening parts, depending on the external conditions (particularly humidity, pollution), can be both safe and highly dangerous. The examples of dangerous corrosion contacts are pointed.

On the factors of success at the global fastener market
The diagram showing the exporting countries, divided into three zones: A, B, and C, is presented. The diagram is based on statistical data. It is shown that the price is important, but not a sufficient indicator for the commercial product. This article is prepared on the basis of the materials from the Taiwan magazine “Fastener World”.

Innovative connection technology for sheet metal parts
This publication is a continuation of the article published in the two previous issues of the magazine. Various schemes of execution the welding connections with friction and stirring are described herein.

In St. Petersburg University of Architecture and Construction the students test anchors
The information about the introduction in the educational process of St. Petersburg University of Architecture and Construction the laboratory classes for the anchor technology is presented. The main purpose of the laboratory work, carried out by the students of the fourth course (direction - "Construction of unique buildings and structures"), was to determine experimentally the permissible pull axle load for the various types of anchors and compare it with the data, provided by the manufacturer.

Manufacturers or sellers? Three fragments on the subject
It is a collection of information materials, which argues incompetence of the opposition of manufacturers and sellers of fasteners. The presented materials from different sources show examples, which blur the boundaries between these segments of the fastener market.

Install rivets correctly
The recommendations for the implementation of riveted joints are given. The examples of making connections using conventional rivets, installed with help of percussion instrument, are considered.

Modern educational technologies of specialists training for the maintenance of bolted flange joints
Currently, there is a need to improve the skills of workers, attracted to perform repairs using the modern technological equipment.
Implementation of the program of additional vocational education and professional training in this area on the base of scientific-educational center of the company "SK INTRA” is presented. At the same time the development of educational programs are proceed in accordance with professional standards and customer requirements.

The birth and life of new GOSTs

Standardization News

About the patent purity of standards
It is noted that the patent purity of standards is an undervalued issue in the Russian market. Implications for use of the standard, comprising patents, as well as the causes of conflicts are shown. The publication presents the sequence of actions to avoid risks when using the standard containing a patent.

Epoxy adhesive of cold curing with increased flexibility for bonding dissimilar materials
As a part of the import substitution the authors developed two-pack glue, featuring by combination of good adhesion to the bonded materials (anodized aluminum and PVC-tube) with sufficiently high elasticity of the adhesive joint. The properties of the new epoxy-compound are given.

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