№ 1 (67), 2019

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News from abroad

Unsolved issues of standardization on the example of changes in GOST 32484.1 – GOST 32484.6
The approaches to the regulation of technical requirements for building materials and products, which include high-strength bolt kits, incorporated in the draft of Technical regulation on the safety of building materials and products, are considered.
The use of the ideas, embodied in these documents, allows overcoming the temporary lack of opportunities for introducing changes in interstate standards and ensuring operational regulatory support for the products of a particular manufacturer due to the additional use in the production of its own organization standard.

Search for new approaches to the project of GOST 32484.1 – GOST 32484.6 changes
The opportunity to promptly fill in the gaps of interstate and national standards due to the active use of standards by the organization of the manufacturer is provided for in the Federal Law “On Technical Regulation”. On the example of the draft changes in GOST 32484.1 – GOST 32484.6, issues that can be reflected in the standards of the organization in addition to the interstate standard are considered.

Criteria for the selection and rational use of materials for high-strength fasteners in the automotive industry
The main requirements, criteria for the selection and rational use of various steels for cold volumetric stamping of high-strength fasteners in the automotive industry are given.

Quality without responsibility is impossible
V. A. Lapidus, a leading Russian management consultant, Ph.D., General Director of Priority Center, answers the questions of Alexander Ostashov, Chief Editor of the magazine. The excerpts from the book “The presumption of responsibility” by V. A. Lapidus were published in the previous issues of our magazine.

Email-marketing for a fixing company
Email-marketing is one of the lowest-cost types of marketing communications with customers and partners. The components of email-marketing and their creation are considered. Among them: a base of subscribers, main types of letters. Several types of services for email-marketing are described. The possibility of evaluating the effectiveness of communications is marked.

Purchase of fasteners by tenders: savings or a problem?

Cable ties
Plastic cable ties for various applications are presented. The beginning of the article is in the previous issue of the magazine.

Simple solutions to reduce heat loss – ЗМ™ sealing tapes
The creation of energy efficient buildings, in which heat loss is minimized, is one of the main trends in modern construction. A significant source of heat loss is the infiltration (blowing) of cold air into the building. For sealing joints and abutments of windproof materials 3M company offers a series of adhesive tapes – ЗМ™ FAST 8067 and 8069.

The effect of adhesive thickness on joint strength
The purpose of the presented research work was to establish the dependence of the strength of adhesive joint on its thickness, to determine the range of applicability of structural adhesives for non-optimal adhesive joints. This relationship will help in the design of adhesive joints and prediction of performance properties.

Nordson EFD’s solutions for mixing components
Selection of a mixer is crucial when mixing two-component adhesives and sealants. EFD company offers a set of solutions for static mixing of liquids - adhesives and compositions for other purposes. Some of these are presented in this publication, including the valve of 400 series for automatic mixing and dosing systems.

Reliable tool + emotions = strong brand
How to sell screwdrivers successfully? Chief Editor of the magazine received the answers to his questions from Mr. Detlef Seyfarth, Director of Wera marketing department about the peculiarities of work at the market of hand-held tools for threaded connections.

20 years ago fastener specialists saw the first issue of their magazine
In January 1999 the first issue of the Russian magazine on fasteners – “Wood Screws and Nails” – began to be distributed among fastener companies in St. Petersburg. A brief information about the evolution of the magazine is presented in the article of its creator and editor.

Standardization news

A word to the presidents of fastener associations
It is presented an interview made in 2018 by the editor of the Taiwan magazine Fastener World with the presidents of fastener associations: EFDA – European Fastener Distributors Association; EIFI – European Industrial Fasteners Institute; UPIVEB – Unione Produttori Italiani Viteria e Bulloneria; NFDA – National Fastener Distributors Association, USA; HKSFC – Hong Kong Screw & Fastener Council; KFFIC – Korean Federation of Fasteners Industry Cooperatives.

Transformation of Taiwan fastener plants into smart and green manufactures
The obstacles for further development of Taiwan fastener industry, including external and internal conditions, are highlighted. Vision of future production is presented. The recommendations for improving the industry are given.

The Russian trade with Taiwan. Notes after workshop
On November 22, 2018, the business seminar “Doing business with Taiwan” was held in St. Petersburg. The workshop was organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). The main content of this seminar was the presentation of targeted Taiwanese exhibitions. Grant programs for the Russian entrepreneurs to visit these exhibitions were announced.

Calendar of the foreign exhibitions

At Fastener Fair Italy 2018
The second exhibition Fastener Fair Italy took place on September 26-27, 2018 in the MiCo conference center in Milan. There are reviews and impressions from the exhibitors. The material is provided by Marco A. Guerritore, Chief Editor of the magazine Italian Fasteners.

Calendar of the Russian exhibitions


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