№ 1 (71), 2020

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News from abroad

Meet Yeswin Machinery Co., Ltd.

Fasteners for flange connections of pressure apparatuses
The article deals mainly with fasteners made of chromium-molybdenum and chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steels, used for flange joints on apparatuses and pipelines of the petrochemical industry. Fasteners for flange connections are standardized by a group of standards. The influence of heat treatment and steel grade on the properties of parts is noted. The ways to improve the quality of procurement are shown.

CONTROLRIV4.0: indispensable for planning, monitoring and analyzing your work
The control system for rivets and rivet nuts CONTROLRIV4.0 of the Italian company Rivit Srl is presented here. This system helps to perform various rivet installation operations, control the work process and analyze the obtained data easily.

Barriers to updating standards for self-tapping screws
Arguments are given for the simultaneous "inventory" of all national and interstate standards in force in Russia. As an example, the standards for self-tapping screws are considered. Current standards for these screws are provided. The system of reference standards is considered. Information on the development of new standards for self-tapping screws is given.

Measures to protect the quality of screws
To protect the interests of the Eurasian Economic Union market from unscrupulous import of fasteners, Rechitsa Hardware Plant OJSC offers two concepts for developing protective measures for domestic manufacturers of hardware products by analogy with the European Union.

OSPAZ screws will be on the market soon
An interview with the director of the Orel Steel Rolling Plant A. V. Erenichev about the upcoming expansion of the production of fasteners for construction is given.

The talk about a stud with customer care

Discussion on the topic "DIN fasteners have conquered Russia"

Is it time to optimize the thread geometry of fasteners?
It was proposed to interested specialists to discuss the advisability of optimizing the geometry of the thread, in particular, the transition to a small pitch of threaded parts of wide application.

The influence of the thread pitch on low-cycle fatigue strength of the fastener
The tests of fasteners are described. The test results of the connection “stud-nut M12” with various options for the geometry of the thread and the nut material compression showed a significant influence of the thread pitch on the low-cycle fatigue at the terms of the same trench radius.

Skilled personnel – success in the production of the Russian fasteners

At work you are not a guest...
Anchor nails used for fastening perforated connectors in wooden building structures are considered.

Are “couch” specialists a hindrance to innovations?

Analysis of companies at the Internet
A general approach to researching company information at the Internet, which can be divided conditionally into two parts, is described. The first part – free/relatively free simple services and methods. The second – more expensive and complex techniques. Some types of researches are considered.

The traits of the Russian fastener business
An interview with the director of the GC "Alpha ARS" Nikolay Prokhorov is presented. The issues of understanding competitiveness, customer focus, marketing by the Russian entrepreneurs are raised.

Non-violent communication
According to the author, non-violent communication is today a necessity that helps companies develop internal communication and build a flexible system to stay afloat at changing conditions. The companies with the classic hierarchical structure and authoritarian management methods, not being able to respond quickly to a changing market, lose and incur losses today.

Adhesive materials dosing systems as part of the modern assembly production
The key advantages of the dosing technique are presented. Errors and risks that can be avoided by using the dosing technique are indicated. Here the beginning of the article is given.

What fasteners should not be used in electrical engineering?

In order to not unscrewing the nuts...
A review of the topic on the locking of the threaded joints is provided by the Russian mechanical engineer in the early 70s of the last century. The beginning of the article is given here.

Standardization news

Associations news

How to ensure the quality and reliability of facade systems?
The questions of Editor-in-chief of the magazine were answered by Alekhin S. V., President of the Facade Union, General Director of the Center for Facade Systems. The main directions and prospects of the activities of the Facade Union are revealed.

Association "Fastexim"
Information on the association "Fastexim", which unites importers, exporters, as well as manufacturers of building hardware in Ukraine, is provided.

Calendar of the foreign exhibitions

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