№ 1 (75), 2021

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News from abroad

Sacma Group introduces S-Transfer system

CONTROLRIV4.0: indispensable for planning, monitoring and analyzing your work

The Russian market of fasteners is on the way of import substitution
The author highlights a feature in the development of the fastener industry in Russia – a benchmark for import substitution. Examples as evidence of this are given. The largest manufacturers of fasteners – MMK-Metiz, NLMK-Metiz, Severstal-Metiz – began to increase their production capacity. According to the author, this indicates possible significant changes in the Russian fastener market.

Quality and personnel in the fastening market
Andrey Egorov, General Director of Fisher Fastening Systems Rus, answers the questions of the editor-in-chief.

Quality is a philosophical concept if nothing falls on you

What kind of high strength bolt kits do builders need?
Based on the analysis of the corporate standards of the organization for high-strength bolt assemblies, recommendations for their adjustment are given. Attention is drawn to ensuring the strength of bolt assemblies during tightening, the influence of various factors on the tightening factor and the requirements for protective coatings.

Fasteners are exposed, dots above "yo" are placed

The standard protects everyone
The editor-in-chief of the magazine discussed the issues of standardization of fasteners with the head of the subcommittee "Hardware and fasteners" (PK7) Alexander Sokolov (PK7 is a member of the technical committee TK 375 "Metal products from ferrous metals and alloys").

How is the EU market closed for low-quality fasteners?
The order in the European construction industry, which clearly and strictly regulates the quality of building materials and products, is presented. Without obtaining DoP (Declaration of Performance – there is no analogue of the document in Russia), it is impossible to import into the EU, it is impossible to sell. Information about this document is provided.

Analysis of thermal and economic efficiency of plate anchors in facade insulation systems
Information on comparative thermal engineering calculations of the facade insulation system with the fastening of the insulation with plate anchors with various options for spacers, including those with a thermal head, is given. The calculations for a residential building, operated in the climatic conditions of Novosibirsk and other regions with similar climatic conditions, were carried out at the Institute of Thermophysics of the SB RAS. The results of calculations confirmed that in general the use of disc anchors with GRP spacers makes it possible to apply thermal insulation at least 10 mm thinner than using any of the options with a steel spacer.

Full-scale tests of anchors. Objectives. Tasks. Consumers
The results of the survey carried out by the Facade Union are presented and analyzed. It was noted that experts of the facade industry consider STO 44416204-010-2010 “Anchor fastenings. Method for determining the bearing capacity based on the results of field tests” is necessary. They use it as a tool that allows them to show visually all participants in the facade constraction the actual values of the loads of various fasteners on specific bases, confirm the values adopted in the design, taken from technical assessments or product data sheets, and, if necessary, correct them.

Business ladies in the world of metal and fasteners

Charity is a new corporate strategy
Shared action in helping other people develops not only corporate culture, but also the culture in us as humans. These actions make us not only partners, but bind us with special bonds. CKI company shares its experience.

Wire rope systems – an alternative to traditional installation systems
In recent years, a cable assembly systems of new generation, with certified products that have factory guarantees for loads and quality, have appeared on the Russian market. Systems of the English company Gripple for the installation of engineering communications are presented.

Joint options for long-span glued timber structures
The exclusivity of large-span objects and the difficulties associated with logistics increase significantly the responsibility of design solutions and require careful design of the connection points. Variants of such compounds are listed and compared here.

What is the future of the car?
The automotive industry today is going through a period of great uncertainty. Many scenarios for the development of the situation are revealed, some of them are considered in the article.

Neither machines nor structures exist without threaded fasteners
The author's inventions related to locking threaded connections are listed. Information about their implementation at the enterprises of the Soviet Union is given.

Sharing knowledge is our rule
Atlas Copco is committed to sharing knowledge, for example through numerous training brochures and webinars. Artyom Sinyushkin, General Director of Atlas Copco, gave an interview about this aspect of the company's activities.

National Roofing Union Training Center trains professional metal roofers
The history of the creation of the training center, the possibilities of professional development are described. The use of the experience of the National Roofing Union Training Center for the revival of vocational education is presented.

The museum of nails needs help
It is told about the Vasilievsky Museum of nails located in the Tver region. Since the end of the 18th century, there has been a nail industry in this area, described by many researchers and completely disappeared in the middle of the 20th century.

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