№ 1 (79), 2022

This issue of the magazine is prepared and published with the support of Trade firm SK, LLC (Russia); Industrial solutions, LLC (Russia); Rusbolt, LLC (Russia); Europartner, LLC (Russia); AnticorTech, LLC (Russia); MMK-METIZ, OJSC (Russia); Himtex (Russia); OPM, LLC (Russia); Alfa ARS, LLC (Russia); SACMA Limbiate S.p.A. (Italy); Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp. (China); Rivit S.r.l. (Italy); Rost Group and Technology Co.,Ltd. (Taiwan).


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Rivit’s high quality combined with competitive prices

OSPAZ: Investments are made. What is next?
Alexey Yerenichev, director of the plant, answered questions about the large investments made in 2021 at the Oryol Steel Rolling Plant and the prospects for production.

What is behind the brand?
The answer to this and other questions is given by Valeria Khlapova, commercial director of the BERVEL high-strength fastener plant.

Hardening environs for heat treatment of fasteners
Various types of cooling environs for fastener hardening, which determine its mechanical properties, are considered. The results of comparative tests of quenching environs are given.

From the experience of using anchors by rock climbers
Among the anchoring equipment for rock climbers, there are products with properties that construction anchors do not have. Examples of these anchors are given. The high requirements of climbers to the shape of holes for installing anchors are noted.

Specialized shopping center "TechnoFactor"

Added value of a trading company and fair pricing
A brief excursion about the sale of fasteners in Russia is given. A look at what is actually offered by fastener vendors today is outlined.

Toyota does not hide the secrets of its success
Significant differences between Toyota management and what we have in Russia are given. It is told about one of the tools for improving production.

Ensuring high quality tightening standards
Atlas Copco has introduced the SRB HA series of intelligent high torque cordless impact wrenches, which are designed with industry-leading requirements and cutting-edge technology in mind. The SRB HA series includes three levels of instrument versions. The main technical characteristics of the SRB HA tool and examples of application in different industries are given.

A new step in the development of the regulatory framework for the design of anchor fasteners
The development of the regulatory framework for anchor fasteners and related prerequisites is presented. Information on the development of a new standard for the calculation and design of anchor fasteners – the Code of Practice “Anchor Fastenings to Concrete. Design Rules" – is given.

Performing the layout of structural elements
The factors influencing the layout of nodes in a technical object, as well as parts in mechanisms, the sequence of stages of the layout, the role of the layout in finding a solution to the design problem are described.

What is EBS?

About the manual "Instruments for linear measurements"

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