№ 1 (83), 2023

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Zinc lamellar and hot zinc coatings according to the technologies of ZVK BERVEL LLC are an effective way of anticorrosion protection of high-strength fasteners
The process of preparing the surface of the substrate before applying the coating plays an important role in creating anti-corrosion protection. Properly selected surface preparation technology ensures the absence of foreign particles and moisture that prevent reliable adhesion of the entire coating as a whole. A distinctive feature of the surface preparation technology for high-strength fasteners at ZVK BERVEL LLC is the exclusion of operations that lead to surface hydrogenation. Shot blasting is used to remove corrosion products. Corrosion tests and metallographic studies were carried out to verify the effectiveness of the coatings.

On the calculation of the cost of production of fasteners
A typical composition of the calculation of the cost of production and the wholesale price of a hardware plant is given. An example of the calculation of metal consumption rates for the production of self-tapping screws 3.5x35 for gypsum boards is given.

Everyone wants a rabbit that does magic tricks
Yulia Kryuchkova, Director of the Ulyanovsk hardware plant No. 1, spoke about her experience in creating a workable team capable of successfully fulfilling production tasks.

High-quality installation with a dowel-nail
The results of tests "for pull-out" of the dowel-nail are given. The main parameters that can affect the strength of the connection are the diameter of the mounting hole, the outer diameter of the dowel, the outer diameter of the thread of the nail-screw. To conduct such an experiment, a set of nail-screws with different thread diameters was made, a plastic dowel of the same type and manufacturer was used, and holes of different diameters were drilled in the brick.

Another example from the Russian practice
The solution of an imaginary problem that arose on the assembly line when changing the bolts received for assembly is described. According to one of the workers, the new bolts were a different color. This was the root of the "problem".

"Washer, washer!"
According to expert assessment, more than 70% of the total number of the Russian market of carbon steel washers according to DIN125 / GOST 11371-78 / ISO 7089 and DIN9021 / GOST 6958-78 / ISO 7093 in the range of diameters up to M20 do not meet the standards. The main types of washer defects are noted. The author sees the root cause of this situation as a rating assessment of suppliers in terms of sales without taking into account the quality.

Errors in the designation of fasteners
The most common errors in the designation of fasteners, arising due to insufficient awareness or irresponsibility of suppliers, are considered.

HIMTEX made friends with Well-doers

Search for the cause of the fall of structures according to the Japanese method

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As it was in 2022: the first graduation of young specialists for hardware production

Personnel shortage in the facade industry, or Where to find a professional facade worker?
First of all, according to the author, a specialized education is needed to train the profession "Specialist on facade structures". There is a shortage of teachers-practitioners. The main requirements for the corresponding educational process and its content are listed. For example, in specialized universities there should be equipped premises that will allow one to obtain primary knowledge and practice.

Museum of ancient instruments – a platform for craftsmen

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