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News from abroad

Modern types of threaded fasteners from FIXIT
The company FIXIT presented new products from its range to solve the most pressing production problems. These include: thread-forming screws for various materials, FixCoil thread inserts, thread inserts for plastic parts, TubeNut thread inserts for pipes.

Increasing the reliability and durability of high-strength bolts of strength class 12.9 using the technology of ZVK BERVEL LLC
Cyclic accelerated corrosion tests of samples made of 30G1R steel with zinc-lamella coating from ZVK BERVEL LLC are presented. The tests were carried out under conditions of exposure to a slightly aggressive industrial atmosphere with sulfur dioxide according to GOST 9.911-2017. The zinc lamel coating was applied using two systems: system 1 – one base coat + one top coat; system 2 – two base coats + one top coat.

Prospects for using modified zinc coating for fasteners
It seems promising to use a modified zinc melt for application to bolts and nuts, since it is possible to provide a thin shiny coating with good adhesion and corrosion resistance and at the same time eliminate the reduction in the mechanical properties of high-strength bolted joints due to sufficiently low fastener processing temperatures. The purpose of the presented research work was to find a technical solution for obtaining a thin corrosion-resistant coating on threaded products. In the course of the task, coated samples of fasteners were obtained, technological parameters for applying a coating with specified quality requirements, similar to the coating in accordance with GOST 9.307, were established.

Effect of friction coefficient on tightening force
It is shown how the coefficient of friction affects the ratio of torque and tightening force, and what the wrong choice of coating or anti-friction lubricant can lead to. The results of calculations of three variants of threaded connections with different types of coating are presented. The purpose of the calculation is: a) to understand whether the bolt's torque limit will be reached when moving from the highest friction fastener to the lowest friction fastener; b) determine for which fastener strength class the transition to coatings and lubricants with a reduced friction coefficient is critical.

Optimization of the cover bolt design for main bearings
Cylinder head bolts, connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts and main bearing bolts are fasteners that are particularly critical items. The reasons for such high responsibility are the operating conditions: alternating loads, different thermal expansions of the connected elements and high operating temperatures. A new design of cover bolts for the main bearings is proposed. The results of calculations and tests are presented.

How should we use restrictive lists for fasteners and standard products?
An important aspect of reducing the cost of a product is the unification of the various fasteners used in the design of the product by decreasing the cost of purchasing components, shortening the range of inventory storage in the warehouse, and reducing the risk of errors during assembly and installation of the product. It is considered how, using the normative and reference information management system POLYNOM:MDM, it is possible to organize restrictive lists and configure the applicability of reference objects.

About Tech-KREP's plans for 2024

Steel clamps
Today, there are a huge number of varieties of clamps on the modern market. Due to the different designs of locks and the materials used in production, each of them has unique characteristics and is designed to solve specific problems. The first part of the series of publications provides information about worm-drive steel clamps. The types of clamps and features of choice are presented.

To believe or not to believe? Trust as an engine of economic growth

How to attract the attention of young people to fasteners?

About the history of fastening production
Three projects of fastener factories that were not implemented during the Soviet years are presented. The author tells about what domestic equipment was produced for fastener manufacturers, as well as what imported equipment the factories in the USSR were equipped with.

Import substitution of adhesive technologies for woodworking and furniture production
All adhesive systems used in both the woodworking and furniture industries should be classified as low-tonnage “chemistry”. In these industries, many different compositions are used, and they are all different in chemical composition, for different conditions of use, differ in production technology, and final properties. A set of main tasks for the production of new adhesives is described, including those related to science intensity, scalability, and logistics problems. An example from practice is given.

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