№ 2 (32), 2010

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Exhibition Wire 2010 in Düsseldorf: the success story continues
Taiwan fastener producers invite to meet
We have everything to repeat the takeoff of Japan
Thread extruding screws EJOT ® for thin sheet metal parts

The description of technology for fixing to the thin sheet details with prepared holes - EJOT SHEETtracs ® - is given here. Distinctive features
of this technology are listed here. The autor explaines by what design features the positive quality of the new screws are achieved.

Simple repair of thread

The comparison of alternatives for repairing of defective holes with thread are presented. There is more detailed information on the most progressive variant of repair using threaded inserts HELICOIL ® plus here. A brief step by step description of repair technology are given.

New fasteners from Japan

 PLB ® (Perfect Lock Bolt) - a registered trademark of the double nuts with different steps thread is described. The screw, on the entire length, has two threads at once - a large thread for a power nut and another one with half smaller step for a lock nut. There is the information about equipment for producing of such fasteners.

New trends in bell furnaces HICON

Several innovations contribute to improving efficiency and convenience in service of bell-type furnaces HICON. The experience of recent years demonstrates two major trends: the increase in the average dimensions of bell furnaces HICON and renewed frequent use of nitrogen as process gas. These trends are described in this publication

What is the use of fasteners classification?

The article gives several options for the classification of fasteners. The importance of classification from different points of view is substantiated. The attention to the continuous development of terminology, especially when there is a significant increase in the range of fasteners in the Russian market is attracted.

Measurement of hardness and toughness of adhesive joints

The theme of the article - methods and means of measuring the strength and durability of adhesive joints to the impact of operational factors. This magazine issue contains the first part of the article. It discusses the most widely used methods of adhesives and adhesive joints testing.

Dürr Group made the acquisition

Dürr Group acquired the business operations of the firm Kleinmichel. Company Klyaynmihel (Bernried, Germany) specializes specializes in glueing equipment for automobile manufacture and general industry.

How to check riveted connections?

In Kazan State Energy University an automated diagnostic system (patent RF № 75739) and methods of nondestructive instrumental control of riveted connections of gas turbine blades are developed. Brief information about the methodology and the diagnostic complex is given.

uick assembling (quick disassembling) connection of details

The author considers the following possible ways in reducing of laboriousness in processes of threaded connections assembly:
1) the development of such parts designs, that allow to combine some operations of assembly;
2) application of improved methods of assembly of threaded connections;

3) the development of more technological designs of details.

Wrench can be universal and simple

The information on "Speed Wrench” is provided. These wrenches can work successfully with various heads of bolts and various forms of nuts. Patented in several countries, "Speed Wrench” is manufactured in Taiwan by Sheng Pu Promotion Co., Ltd.

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