№ 2 (40), 2012

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Stainless steel fasteners are irreplaceable and perspective

Interview of Alexander Ostashev, Chief Editor of "Fasteners, adhesives, tools and ..." Magazine, with Mr. Ulrich Steiner, Director of the Italian company Inox Mare SrL, is posted. Inox Mare SrL specializes in the supply of stainless steel fasteners for various industries.


Spring bouquet  of fastener exhibitions

What makes the Russian high-strength fasteners different from European ones?

The standards for high-strength bolts, nuts and washers, operating in Russia and in Europe, are pointed. The basic technical requirements on these standards are compared. The most important differences between the regulatory requirements, which must be considered in the performance of bolted joints of building and industrial structures, are marked out.


Calculation of the connections with self-tapping screws in polymer structures

There considered the connections of plastic details by self-tapping screws. The main factors to consider when using thread extruding screws are given. There noted that when creating designs with the best properties it is necessary to apply the screws with optimized geometry of the thread. As an example, the screws with the Remform profile are considered.


Ways of development of railway fastener manufacturing

The author provides the historical information about development of railway fastener production. The information about the main types of such fasteners and about the Russian manufacturers of the fasteners. The current state of the industry is considered. Based on the requirements of mass development of modern fasteners, the directions for the development of railway fastener production are set.


Our solutions for assembly automation

Variants of assembly plants equipment for automated assembly lines are presented. It is  considered the equipment for the automated delivery of hardware from Italian company Fiam. Pneumatic screw driver with the automatic feeding system and the screwing Easydriver system, application of which is the most suitable for the assembly plants with a large number of identical screws twists, is offered.


Natural adhesives and composite materials

Several types of natural adhesive materials, for which scientists are currently working to create artificial analogues, are presented. There reflected the views of scientists on the directions of research. (The beginning of this articlein the previous issue).


Wera is reinventing the wrench

Promising technology for thermoplastic holes forming

The article describes the advanced technology of plastic drilling and a new tool for its implementation. This improves performance processing by reducing the components of heat removal from the treatment area through the tool into the spindle of the machine. The results of studies with use of the analysis software ANSYS are considered. The criteria of treatment regimes choice are given.


Cutting tools with adhesive joints

The methods of fastenings, used in a composite cutting tools with a hard alloy plates, are listed. The drawbacks of these methods are pointed. The author provides the information on the development of advanced designs of cutting tools with adhesive joints. The formula to estimate their performance is given. The results of industrial tests of glued tools are presented.


Specialist  of Hilti provides answers to our questions

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