№ 2 (44), 2013

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2013 Global Fastener Industry CEO Summit will be held in Shanghai

Global Project Fastener Fair started in Russia

FastTec 2013. What's new?

New chemical anchoring system

The publication contains the information on fischer's new products in the field of anchor technique. Two systems of chemical anchoring - SuperBond and PowerBond are considered. Main characteristics and application areas of the systems are pointed.

IMS – fastener specialist in the international market

Wedge anchors. Landmarks of the quality

The author describes the main factors, associating with the quality of wedge anchors. Among these factors there are: the steel grade of the anchors body, clips and nuts; design features, production technology, the quality of anti-corrosive coating. A simple way of anchors testing, used by the author, is described. Also he gives the recommendations for the buyer of wedge anchors.

Comparison of the quality of high-strength bolts class 12.9, made by different manufacturers

The article presents the work on comparison of the quality of high-strength bolts manufactured by "Peiner" (Germany) and "Gem-Year Industrial Co.Ltd" (China). The methodology of researching is described. The tables shows: the chemical composition of the investigated steels, the results of tensile tests on the skew washer of entire bolts; screws hardness measurement results; the results of hardness measurements on the cross section of the bolt rod, the results of impact bending test, on slow fragile destruction test.

Improving the reliability of heat-resistant fasteners for power plant equipment

Operational features of threaded fasteners in power plants, including the possible reasons for its failure are described. The author considers the requirements for high-temperature lubricant of fasteners. Main characteristics of the paste Molykote P-37 for heat-resistant threaded fasteners at plants are given.

Overheating termobimetallic indicators of threaded contact connections

The author describes prototypes of indicators, which are permanently fixed to the threaded contact connections of ship electrical equipment and are intended for the diagnosis of weakening their tightening. This helps to minimize fire hazards of electrical equipment by identifying unacceptable contacts overheating at routine maintenance.

Mercedes-Benz SL - production at high speeds

Implementation of import substitution at the production of fasteners on ASME standards

Some features of fasteners on American standards from the point of view of the manufacturer are considered. The comparative analysis of the chemical composition and mechanical properties of steel B16 and the Russian counterparts are given. The author attracts readers attention to the fasteners design features, which require additional measures in its manufacture. The particularly of the control and acceptance of party products in case of the fastener production on American standards are marked.

Technological methods of making the adhesive riveting connections

The features of various technological methods to create adhesive riveting connections and materials used for them are considered. There are three methods of making adhesive riveting connections: riveted on the cured adhesive, riveting on the uncured adhesive and the introduction of adhesive after setting rivets. The factors that affect the quality of adhesive riveting connections are pointed.

Hidden fastening of wooden terraces and facades

The end of the article. You can find the beginning of the article in the previous issue. The author considers the criteria of choice of the hidden fasteners. He describes the following criteria for selecting the hidden fasteners: application scope, reliability, cost, aesthetics, installation specifications, performance characteristics. Examples of the choice of fasteners, showing brands of products, are given.

Foreign standards. Legitimate and illegitimate

The author informs about the features of acquisition and application of international standards in the territory of Russia. Marked by certain conditions, put forward by the developers to protect their standards, are marked. Here there is a list of recommendations for buyers of foreign standards. Main features of illegitimacy of foreign standards are pointed.

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