№ 2 (52), 2015

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RIV938 and RIV939: new tools for rivet nuts up to M12

Exhibitions Fastener Trade Show in Chengdu and Suzhou - representation of a fastener market in Western and Eastern China

Fastener Fair Russia 2015 was held at the new fairground

The regular conference "Fasteners. Quality and responsibility" was held during Fastener Fair Russia 2015

Do the decisions of Government and the expectations of domestic fastenerproducers  coincide?

This article is based on the presentation of General Director of the Association "Prommetiz" at the conference "Fasteners. Quality and responsibility", held on March 26, 2015 in St. Petersburg at the exhibition Fastener Fair Russia 2015. A brief analysis of the current situation on the Russian market of fasteners is given here . Data on the companies, belonging to the Association "Prommetiz", are considered. Issues concerning the general economic policies in the country are touched by the speaker.

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Features of stainless steel and their impact to the quality of fasteners

The article gives an overview of the main groups of stainless steels. Recommendations on the choice of stainless steel for fasteners of flange connections on pressure and temperature based on various regulations are given. It contains the table of comparison the steel grades by Standards: ASME-ASTM-DIN-JIS-GOST.

Effect of the technique of screw thread making to the strength at low temperatures

The author considers the aspects of fasteners efficiency, actual at the production of high-strength and extra-strength parts with a yield point of 1150 MPa or more. The comparison of the strength characteristics of fasteners, fabricated by rolling and cutting, depending on the test temperature is given. It is noted that the threads of fine pitch increase the cold resistance of threaded parts up to preventing the brittle fractures of connections and structures.

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Influence of functional incisions (thread) on the characteristics of resistance to plastic deformation of bolts at different levels of strengthening

In this article the authors present data on the effect of the strength level to ratio of ultimate tensile strength and yield strength, obtained from the uniaxial tensile of finished bolts and also peeled samples. The analysis of the experimental results at use of the principles of geometric and structural strengthening of metal is given.
Results of the study are shown in a graph of difference properties dependence of the finished bolts and peeled samples.

About new standards for anchors

The list of standards for fasteners of the railway sector, put into effect in 2015

Adhesives dosing devices for assembly of the products made of aluminum alloys

In this issue you can read the end of the article, which was started in the previous issue.
Peculiarities of aluminum parts bonding are given. The technological stage of adhesives applying and dosing is considered in this publication. The author describes in detail the method of designing the device for adhesives application and dispensing, including analysis of the technological cycle of the product assembly and design of the dosing system according to the required specifications.

CIFM / interzum guangzhou 2015 closes with another record year

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Calendar of the Russian exhibitions

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