№ 2 (56), 2016

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The meeting of experts and suppliers of the anchor equipment was held

The information about the conference "Fasteners. Quality and responsibility. Anchor fasteners in construction", which was held on March 16, 2016 in St. Petersburg, is given.
A significant portion of speeches was assigned to the issues of creating a regulatory base for anchoring. The topics of presentations and substantive provisions of the speakers’ messages are presented.

The development of the regulatory base in the field of anchors in Russia

The state of the matter is considered here and the prospects in the field of standardization of anchorages, taking into account the features of the existing national system, are determined.
In the article there is information about standardization of anchors abroad. The results of a comparative analysis of domestic and foreign regulatory documents are presented.
A multilevel system of standards for anchoring products is suggested.

Round table on the topic "Standardization and quality of fasteners: plans, the situation, problems"

About updating the fund of national standards for threaded fasteners

Comparative examples of one type of fasteners, made according to different standards, are considered. The analysis of the differences between the new standards, identical to ISO standards, and previously existing standards GOST is presented, also in the tables there is information on the standards of bolts and screws with different heads and forms of a drive.
The results of the analysis of the chemical composition of the steel for fasteners are given, there is a list of domestic grades of steel, which can be designated by the International Classification of steel grades of fasteners.

Changes in GOST 32484.1-2013 GOST 32484.6-2013

The issues, which were encountered at the discussion of the draft interstate standards GOST 32484.1-2015 – GOST 32484.6-2015 by fastener manufacturers, are considered. Among these issues: structural dimensions of bolts and washers, use of protective coatings, acceptance tests. Based on the analysis of the producers’ comments, options of adjustments of the above standards are offered.

The corrosion resistance of the steel anchor fasteners

The author considers the materials and protective anti-corrosion coatings of anchors, which are the most commonly used in building practice. The characteristics of different types of coatings are presented. The photos of anchors after their use are posted. The recommendations on the choice of anchor fasteners with anti-corrosion properties are given.

United association of the Italian fastener manufacturers UPIVEB is more than 50 years old

The basic stages of development of fasteners production in Italy are described in the publication. The history of creation and development of the associations in this industry sector is presented by the author.
In this issue the end of the publication is published, the beginning of the article is in the previous issue of the magazine.

Fasteners for the cars from “Bulten Rus”

Interview of Alexander Ostashov, Chief Editor of "Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and..." Magazine, with Yuri Friedman, Director of “Bulten Rus”, is published here. Information about the kinds of fasteners, produced by the company, is presented. Among this fasteners there are thread squeezing bolts TAPTITE® and screws FASTITE® 2000 ™ to connect sheet metal parts.

Ties for cables and not only for them

A description of the main characteristics of the cable ties is presented. Readers’ attention is drawn to the need to respect the optimal temperature conditions in each of the periods of product life cycle. The foreign regulations, which reflect the quality of the plastic ties, are pointed. The criteria for assessing the quality of cable ties are given.

Intellectual property – the ability to gain a competitive advantage in today's market

The advantages from patenting decisions on the fastener market are presented. The author gives the result of cost analysis of the work, associated with obtaining the protection documents for intellectual property. Positive changes in the legislation to allow more fully realize the benefits of patenting are pointed.

The use of adhesives in the repair of cracking of the hull machine parts

The properties of the adhesive materials, used for sealing the holes and cracks of hull machine parts, are presented. As an adhesive material it is considered the group of epoxy, acrylate adhesives and hot melt adhesives, it is given the classification, depending on the size of the cracks and reviewed their technological and mechanical characteristics.

Calendar of the foreign exhibitions

The exhibition in Cologne has shown the great result

The number of visitors at Taiwan Fastener Show 2016 was record

Wire Dusseldorf is already 30 years old

Calendar of the Russian exhibitions

Information about the Russianexhibitions