№ 2 (60), 2017

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The regular conference "Fastening. Quality and responsibility” was held
On March, 15 in St. Petersburg in the framework of St. Petersburg Technical Fair the seventh conference "Fastening. Quality and responsibility» was held. The topics, which were discussed there, are indicated in the publication. The information about high-strength bolts of the bridged assortment from atmospheric steel, about the types of defects after the fasteners were coated with zinc protective coatings, about the technical requirements to the materials for manufacture of fasteners, about the training of personnel for hardware production and others was presented at the event.

Justification of technical requirements to the materials for fasteners
The growth of technical requirements for the relationship between the resistance of deformation and the destruction of materials for fasteners in the domestic mechanical engineering industry was carried out in several stages, pointed in an article. On the basis of the presented data, the scheme for justifying and optimizing the technical requirements for the design documentation and standards for calculating of strength is proposed. It is noted that the optimization of technical requirements to metal for fasteners should be tied to the level of nominal stress in the threaded connections.

Does the market want to adjust the geometry of the thread?
The decision of the representatives of one of the Russian companies that "from the point of view of a reasonable reduction of price while maintaining the sufficient thread quality", the angle 45° of the metric thread profile should be considered as optimal, is presented. The publication is posted as a discussion material.

Perspective protective coatings for fasteners
The features of the protective zinc coatings for fastening, widely used in Russia, as well as some protective coatings, suggested by foreign firms, are considered in the publication. The main advantages and disadvantages of different types of coatings are indicated. In particular, it is marked, that the thermal diffusion galvanizing of high-strength fasteners simultaneously increases its anti-corrosion resistance and resistance to low temperatures.

What is the basis for the success of fischer?
The fragments of communication between Professor Klaus Fischer (Klaus Fischer) and the Russian journalists are described. He presented the directions of the company's activities and spoke about the origins of its current success, which manifests itself in the sustainable development of the production, in support of the scientific and social projects, in the study of important strategic initiatives.

Nordson EFD unveils the latest innovations in the field of inkjet technologies
The latest developments of Nordson EFD in the field of creating piezo valves for jetting of technological fluids have eliminated the barrier between speed and accuracy. In the design of the non-contact jet valve PICO Pµlse, the principle of modular, quick-release execution was realized. Features of the new valve and advantages of the pneumatic non-contact dosing technology are described.

Connection of optical components by gluing
The requirements for an optical assembly obtained by gluing are specified. Positive qualities and some shortcomings of the way of connection of optical parts by gluing are noted. The main types of adhesives that are used for gluing metal with glass, the temperature conditions of their work are given in the table. Three typical designs for attaching single lenses by gluing are shown here.

Rivets. Types of connection defects and their causes
The advantages of the installation technology of the blind rivets are noted. The main types of the defectsat connection with blind rivets, with the help of the pneumatic tool, and the reasons that lead to this are described here. The basic rules for the qualitative installation of rivets are given.

"Samorezik.ru" is growing, developing cooperation
The interview of the editor of our magazine with Andrei Shulman, General Director of Samorezik.ru Ltd., is posted. It reveals some important features of doing business in the format of franchising.

"Fixing Union" on the suitability of the fasteners specified in the Technical Certificates
"Union of manufacturers and suppliers of fixing systems" prepared an information letter to the supervisory and regulatory authorities, design and construction organizations. The letter expresses concern that, for the sake of economy, some players in the market are changing the material or geometry of the anchor fasteners without reconciling the permissive documentation (Technical Certificate).

Hilti Russia presents new tools to the Russian journalists
The novelties of Hilti tools, most of which will be introduced to the Russian market in 2017, are indicated. Among them: the accumulator drill SF 6 (H) -A22, the rechargeable perforators TE6-A36 and TE 6-A22, the rotational laser level PR 30-HVS A12, three new models of the USM with 125 mm disk diameter (AG 125-13S, AG 125 -15DB, AG 125-19SE).

Usage of non-destructive testing methods for anchorage testing
This article is a continuation of the first article, published in "Fasteners, adhesives, tools and..." magazine No. 1/2016. The issues connected with the application of methods of non-destructivecontrol in tests of anchor technique at installation in concrete bases are described. Attention is drawn to the influence of reinforcement on the deterioration of the load characteristics of the fastening.

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Cautious optimism at the exhibition of fasteners in Stuttgart
Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2017, the world's leading fasteners exhibition, was held on 28-30 March 2017 in three halls of the Stuttgart exhibition center. The publication presents views of the Italian leaders of companies, which participated in Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2017, on the issue of advisability of such exhibitions in the era of digital technologies and information networks.

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