№ 2 (64), 2018

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Issues of fasteners quality are still in the focus of specialists
It is published a report on the VIII Specialized Conference "Fasteners. Quality and responsibility”, which was held on May 14-15, 2018 in St. Petersburg. Subjects of the speeches are indicated. There are illustrative diagrams about the Russian fastener market, its import components and the perspective vision of the market from the message of B. Yarantsev, General Director of the Association "Prommetiz".

MMK-METIZ: the fastening line is replenished with new types

How was the foundation of today's metal productions created?
This interview was made by a veteran of the hardware branch V. Erofeev. He briefly described the activities of the organization, engaged in the development of hardware production – "Lengiprometiz".

The concept of "quality" and the essence of "quality management"
At revising the concept of “the quality” there was distinguished the dependence of the system on external conditions. As an example there was considered GOST 33259-2015 "Flanges for valves, fittings and pipelines for pressure to PN 250. Design, dimensions and general technical requirements", in place of GOST 12815-80 ÷ GOST 12821-80. The developers of this GOST did not take into account that the external environment includes the mark of the material of the flange, the fasteners of which connect these flanges.

Ways to improve the quality control of bolts of strength class 5.8
In the publication the problem of bolts quality of strength class 5.8 for building structures, as well as the essence of proposals for improving the methods of controlling property indicators, characterizing the propensity of bolts to brittle fractures, is analyzed. The author suggests the work of impact of fasteners should be determined with the use of special semi-detailed samples, as well as the control of plastic properties should be done through indicator of the relative uniform elongation (δр), determined when testing full-sized products for tension. Proposed methods of quality control allow the use of substandard bolts at installation of metal structures.

Around a stud
The issues, related to the quality of the threaded stud, are discussed at a round table format. The opinions of the representatives of such companies as "Tech-KREP", "Metiznaya Trading Company FR", "TC OPM", "TC Bolt.Ru" are published. Based on their answers, you can get an idea about the positioning in the market and the strategy of the actions of these companies.

Markdown of quality

752V Diaphragm Valve – the solution for precise dosing of the active liquids
The size of the dose of glue, applied during the assembly operation, depends on several factors, but first of all it is determined by the valve opening time. Nordson EFD’s dosing valves of series 752 for chemically active liquids – their features and purpose – are presented. The total composition of the dosing system is indicated.

E-commerce for a fastener company
The article opens a new rubric called "Marketing and fastener". Some of the main methods of attracting and retaining customers used in e-commerce are summarized. Among them – the use of a website, contextual advertising, social networks, mailings.

The term formation by the first way
In the previous issue the ways of word formation and term formation were considered.
There is, as an example, the questionnaire section of the website fastinfo.ru, where the variants of names for a threaded connecting element are offered. Besides, the wishes and suggestions related to the principles of the formation of new fastener terms are given.

Novelties of Hilti

Development and application of standards for the progressive fasteners
At the Russian market there is currently a tendency for the consumer to order a large number of fasteners
in accordance with DIN, EN, ISO and other standards. The issues of today's Russian standardization are outlined. The problems associated with the standardization of fasteners are highlighted. The fastener products for the automotive industry, on which normative documents should be developed, are presented. Proposals for changing the work on standards are given.

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