№ 2 (72), 2020

This issue of the magazine is prepared and published with the support of Trade firm SK, LLC (Russia); Industrial solutions, LLC (Russia); Rusbolt, LLC (Russia); Europartner, LLC (Russia); Severstal-metiz, OJSC; Himtex (Russia); ВсВ, LLC (Russia); Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp. (China); Rivit S.r.l. (Italy); Shanghai Chunzu Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. (China).


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Contents Summary (English)


News from abroad

Urgent demand for fasteners during Covid-19
Medical devices which play a decisive role in the fight against Covid-19 are indicated. The most important products that require fasteners are among other components. The company TR Fastenings strengthened its position in supporting the medical technology industry with new developments.

Club of fastener businessmen entered the site of ZOOM

The current situation makes adjustments to the fastener business
This is the express-interview with Tatyana Bogdanova, the founder of the company “World of Fasteners”. Answers to the questions, related to changes in working conditions during the pandemic, are provided.

Are you afraid of death?
The key to overcoming the crisis is to find joint solutions that will help to survive today and tomorrow with minimal losses. Working with a long-term partner is much more important than immediate benefits.

DIN standards for fasteners: may or should be applied?
The issue of the eligibility of using DIN standards and fasteners manufactured in accordance with DIN standards at the Russian enterprises is considered.

RIVIT S.r.l .: fasteners and tools

About optimizing thread geometry for fasteners

Frame anchors. Step of import substitution
An interview with Ilya Nikolayevich Bolshakov, Executive Director of "ВсВ" company is published. In 2019, the company "ВсВ" began to produce metal frame anchors for window installation.

Do you need sales consultants for fasteners and competent buyers?
The consequences of low competence of the participants of the fastener market are indicated. Suggestions for organizing an increase in the knowledge of sellers and buyers of fasteners are given.

Threaded parts are needed not only for fixing. Hole making
Slotting devices using threaded parts for sheet metal structures are described.

The quality of the fasteners determines the quality of the entire installation system
Cable support systems are often operated outdoors, including the coastal areas, as well as in hostile environments of industrial enterprises. Accordingly, fasteners must be supplied in various designs of system elements to ensure corrosion resistance. The information on the fixing system of the company DKS is presented.

Will the “Electronic Designer Handbook” be useful in your work?
"Electronic Designer Handbook" is a calculating and information system designed to expedite the work of the designer. This handbook can be considered in two areas of application: as an extensive information base and as a tool for calculating various structural elements.

In order to not unscrewing the nuts...
A review of the topic on the locking of the threaded joints, made by the Russian mechanical engineer in the early 70s of the last century, is provided. The end of the article, the beginning was in the previous issue.

Adhesive materials dosing systems as part of the modern assembly production
The composition of the adhesive dosing system, the functions and advantages of these systems are indicated. This is the end of the article, its beginning was in the previous issue.

Glue analogs

Threaded connections. The basics of the tightening theory
The publication was prepared on the basis of Atlas Copco’s training brochure, which provides methods for tightening of threaded joints, the use of mechanized assembly tools and the impact of tool selection on joint quality.

News of Wera

In memory of Robert H. Lench
An article by Marco A. Guerritore about Robert H. Lench, who headed European Industrial Fasteners Institute for 16 years, from 1990 to 2006.

Standardization news

Associations news

Fixing Union about the quality of threaded rods
The Union of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Fixing Systems (Fixing Union) has published on its website an open letter on the quality of the threaded rods, offered on the Russian market. The letter addressed to design, construction organizations and regulatory authorities.

Association as a conductor for fair competition
Information on the Association of Distributors and Manufacturers of Electrical Equipment “Honest Position” is given.

Calendar of the foreign exhibitions

Calendar of the Russian exhibitions