№ 2 (76), 2021

This issue of the magazine is prepared and published with the support of Trade firm SK, LLC (Russia); Industrial solutions, LLC (Russia); Rusbolt, LLC (Russia); Europartner, LLC (Russia); Mir Krepezha TD, LLC (Russia); AntikorTech, LLC (Russia); ArtTron , LLC (Russia); the company HomutProf (Russia); Himtex (Russia); SACMA Limbiate S.p.A. (Italy); Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp. (China); Rivit S.r.l. (Italy); Rost Group and Technology Co.,Ltd. (Taiwan).


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News from abroad

Automated line in comparison with monoblock KSP12-R
Sacma world premier: new double blow header model KSP12-R with threading unit.
Sacma introduces a new model of the multipurpose cold heading machine KSP12-R for the production of fasteners with threads from M3 to M8 and a maximum rod length of 60 mm. The area used for KSP12-R is three times less than the area occupied by the automated complex of automatic machines.

RIV 303 tool for Speedriv rivets

X conference “Fasteners. Quality and responsibility": steps of development of the Russian production of fasteners
The information about the speeches at the X conference “Fasteners. Quality and Responsibility", which took place in St. Petersburg on April, 22-23.

About searching steel for high-strength bolts of strength class 12.9
The tendency of high-strength bolts to stress corrosion cracking limits the scope of their use for erection joints in building metal structures. The conducted studies of steel of various grades for the manufacture of high-strength bolts of strength class 12.9 give grounds at present to choose steel 20Kh2NMTRB as the main grade. This will reduce the metal consumption of fasteners in structures, and hence the time of installation work during assembly, as well as increase the reliability and durability of structures during operation.

Variants of fastener manufacturing processes
The manufacturing processes for different fasteners, despite the general similarities, have many differences. For various types of fasteners, there are many options for manufacturing processes. The author shows from what parameters the sequence of fasteners manufacturing can change.

Experience of import substitution at the organization of zinc-lamella coating workshops
The company ArtTron (Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region), with the consulting support of AntikorTech LLC (St. Petersburg), has created the first centrifuge in Russia for applying zinc-lamellar coatings, which is not inferior to European counterparts. The new equipment will enable small businesses and workshops to create all conditions for the application of modern protective coatings that are in high demand on the market.

About counterfeit and falsification on the domestic market. Win / give way
The problem of the existence of falsified and counterfeit products on the Russian commodity market requires an active fight against the circulation of low-quality products at all stages of their production and subsequent sale. Information on measures and strategies to counter the illicit trafficking of industrial products in the Russian Federation and at the international level is provided.

About professionalism and attention to details

Parody of threaded studs
Studs available on the Russian market are offered as studs with metric threads. In this case, the angle of the thread profile is much less than the standard one, equal to 60 degrees. The consequences of using such products are described. The author warns against using them.

Würth launches the renewed screws ASSY to the market
In 2020, Würth launched the fourth generation of ASSY®4 screws, replacing the existing ASSY® 3.0 screws, existing for 12 years. Through close communication with customers, the company managed to improve the design and further simplify the use of screws, making the work of joiners and carpenters easier.

Rigging as an element of outdoor design

Fastener terminology in advertising
Fastener names go a long way when doing business over the Internet. The issue of fastener terminology is considered here from these positions.

Bolt-Check System ensures reliable operation of wind turbines

Atlas Copco's tensor IxB platform – a smart factory concept

Scaffolding can fall

Economical installation

The story of one fall

National standard for roof fasteners has been developed

Standardization news

Association news

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