№ 2 (84), 2023

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Meet: KINFAST Group

The next conference “Fasteners. Quality and responsibility" was held
On April 9, within the framework of Petersburg Technical Fair, the 12th conference “Fasteners. Quality and Responsibility” was held. Information about the speeches and the industrial excursion for the conference participants is given. Based on some of the speeches, articles have been prepared for this issue of the magazine.

The quality control system for fasteners in the company "OPM"
The system of quality control of fasteners in the company "OPM", a supplier of the Russian industrial enterprises, is presented. The most important principle of successful work in the company is constant control of the product quality. The main used control tools are described.

Development of high-strength bolts for the new KAMAZ engine at BelZAN JSC
To launch a new R6 engine (with a power of 550 to 720 hp) at KAMAZ PJSC, BelZAN JSC mastered about 60 types of fasteners, including the most critical fasteners – high-strength bolts fastening cylinder heads, fastening bolts of root support, flywheel bolts, etc.
The issues of mastering new fasteners are presented. Fasteners for the P6 engine of PJSC KAMAZ, currently produced at BelZAN JSC, are not only inferior, but also have improved strength, reliability and price characteristics. 1000 hour tests as part of the engine confirmed the high reliability of the bolts.

How fastener quality and demand for quality has changed in the Russian market
Observations of one of the participants of the Russian fastener market are given. It is noted that the existing balance of quality and counterfeit fasteners in the Russian market has changed over the past year.

Studs with teflon coating – the experience of the production of "Trive" company
The experience of fulfilling one of the orders at the new production site of the company "Trive" – threaded studs with teflon coating is presented. The release of these products was carried out as a part of implementation of the import substitution program.

Improving the durability of fasteners in the construction industry
The most common methods of anti-corrosion protection of fasteners in metal structures are presented. The main problems with the wrong approach in the choice of anti-corrosion protection of fasteners are listed. The study of fastener samples with various types of protective coatings is described. A forecast for the formation of contact corrosion when joining products with various zinc coatings is given. The factors that should be followed in the development of project design documentation for metal structures with bolted connections with protective coatings are indicated.

Hilti Russia celebrates its 30th birthday

Reference book "Standard Products: Fasteners 2D and 3D"
To speed up the work of users – design engineers, process engineers and other specialists in production – ASCON has developed a system for managing regulatory and reference information of an industrial enterprise POLYNOM: MDM. The POLYNOM:MDM system is designed for multi-user applying, and local directories (libraries) have also been developed on its basis. Information about the reference book "Standard Products: Fasteners 2D and 3D" is given.

Fastener club is growing

New connection system for frame houses using CLT panels
The new assembly connection system HPBJS is proposed for low-rise construction of wooden structures based on CLT panels. The system is made in the development of the system of frame buildings "Platform" known to builders.

Reactive adhesive and sealant compositions manufactured at "Research Institute of Polymers" JSC and new developments
"Research Institute of Polymers" JSC occupies a leading position in the development of technologies for the production of anaerobic acrylic adhesives and sealants and serially produces more than 50 brands of adhesive, impregnating and repair compositions under the brands ANATERM® and UNIGERM®. The article provides information about the main products of "Research Institute of Polymers" and characteristics of the products. A table with possible foreign analogues of adhesive materials produced at "Research Institute of Polymers" is given.

Artisans. Who are these people?
The comment of the editor-in-chief about the participants of the Carpentry Festival, which took place on May 6 and 7 in the capital's Sokolniki Park, is given. Attention is drawn to the situation on the market of tools for craftsmen.

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