№ 2 (88), 2024

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News from abroad

The next meeting of leading fastening market specialists took place
Information about the conference “Fasteners. Quality and responsibility”, held on April 25 and 26, 2024 as part of the St. Petersburg Technical Fair, is provided.

Non-destructive quality control of hardware
Information is provided on methods of non-destructive quality control of metal products. To quickly and accurately identify unacceptable changes in the design characteristics of fasteners, the use of an ultrasonic testing method is effective. Laser-ultrasonic testing of hardware parts is presented using the example of cap nuts. Quality control of protective coatings can be performed using the eddy current method. The peculiarities of working with foreign equipment manufacturers and suppliers are noted.

Optimization of the cap bolt design for main bearings
Mounting bolts of the head of cylinder block, connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts and main bearing bolts are fasteners that are particularly critical items. A new design for the main bearing cover bolts has been proposed. This is a continuation of the article from the previous issue of the magazine.

"New Engineering Technologies": Innovations for global production

Paradoxes of import substitution in the Russian industry
According to the author, import substitution as a process is of excessive relevance for our country today. The state should stimulate local production of any products with high added value, focusing primarily on high-tech industries and solutions in the long term. The process of transformation is the task of each enterprise itself, which requires different approaches to management, a different vision of the future.

Structural double-threaded wood self-tapping screw HIMTEXfix FDT
A new double-threaded self-tapping screw for wooden structures is considered. It features an innovative head. The screw head combines a TORX slot and a shape suitable for magnetic hex bits, which are often used with roofing screws. The new HIMTEX self-tapping screw has two main applications: installation of thermal insulation and load-bearing wooden structures.

Revolutionary bolts for timber construction
As structural wood dries and becomes thinner, the bolts and nuts that were tightened at the beginning of construction become loose, making it very difficult to maintain rigidity (strength of the structure). To solve this problem, reliable connection nodes are needed. At the heart of new connection technologies used in timber construction is the “tightening screw”.

The anchor-screw began to be produced in Russia. Whereby?
Vladislav Kozlov, director of the company VsV, which began producing several types of anchors in Russia, answered the Editor-in-chief’s questions.

Creation of domestic equipment for the production of fasteners
In most variants of the technological process for manufacturing fasteners, there are two operations – upsetting the workpiece and rolling the thread. The article informs about the creation of equipment for the production of self-tapping screws. The designed equipment must perform both operations – upsetting and rolling.

Meet the CMM-K company
The interview of the Editor-in-chief with the Head of CMM-K Alexander Grechko is given.

Icebergs of incompetence on marketplaces

Love and fasteners

Steel clamps
This continuation of the article from the previous issue of the magazine provides information about power clamps: design features, main characteristics. It also contains examples and recommendations for use.

New fixing solutions for improving threaded connections
Loosening and self-loosening of the fastening threaded connection is still a common problem in all cases where excessive vibration and dynamic loads are present. The article proposes solutions to this problem in the form of two elements: a washer to prevent self-unscrewing during vibration and a bimetallic ring to automatically tighten a threaded connection at elevated temperatures.

Mistakes when choosing a coating for steel fasteners

Features of the use of polyurethane adhesives in woodworking
Despite the same raw materials, adhesives for use in woodworking differ significantly from adhesives for other industries. The article describes the nuances of using one-component polyurethane adhesives for the woodworking industry.

Tsinkirovanie and zinganizirovanie
The article draws attention to the terminology used for new products and technological processes. Examples of actions of some countries in this direction are given.

Standardization news

Calendar of the foreign exhibitions

Calendar of the Russian exhibitions