№ 3 (33), 2010

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Contents Summary (English) 


"BelZAN" reveals the secrets of successful development

The publication contains an interview with the technical director of "Belebeevsky Plant Avtonormal" Viktor Maystrenko to A. Ostashov, Chief Editor of “Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and ..." Magazine. “Belebeevsky Plant Avtonormal” (trademark "BelZAN") - the leading Russian manufacturer of fasteners for automobiles.
Mr. Maystrenko told about the ways of work with major consumers of company products.  The basis of this work is long-term cooperation and study of all the needs. Finally, new kinds of fastener are developed, the equipment for its production is purchased.


How to realize the dream: to create own production and achieve success

The author considers in detail how to organize own wire production. He believes the only correct solution today is the organization of production based on a trading company. The article concludes the recommendations on what special attention should be paid when developing a business plan and studying the production technology.


Statistical evaluation of the quality of high-strength bolts for the airport complex Vnukovo-1

The most frequent cause of failure of high-strength bolts is delayed brittle fracture. The article is devoted to statistical evaluation of the quality of high-strength fasteners of the company «Peiner», which was used in steel structures, covering the airport complex Vnukovo-1. It sets out the results of a study of bolts, made from 18 batches of steel.

RIVCLINCH ® - Joining without fastener!

The technology of joints RIVCLINCH ®, based on plastic deformation is presented. In this case, metal sheets or profiles are connected to each other without additional parts by cold pressing of materials with the formation of geometric locking.
Benefits of the technology and different forms of joints are described in the article. Also possible areas of application of the technology are pointed here.


On the resuscitation of the Russian hardware industry

This article continues the discussion of modernization of Russian hardware industry. The author expresses his vision of the causes of the current situation. He finds it necessary to make loans for industrial enterprises cheaper. He connects this with the changing roles of state power in Russia.


Zinc dispersible multilayer systems «DELTA-MKS»

The basic characteristics and structure of the coating «DELTA-MKS» are given here. The description of the coating technology, which comprises three main stages, is presented. Attention is drawn to the variety of coating methods.
Prospective options for the use of high-strength fasteners with coating «DELTA-MKS», for example, for wind power plants are considered.


New products for the construction of terraces

Work on the mistakes in wooden construction

 This article opens a new heading "Work on the mistakes” and begins a series of articles about the correct methods of wooden beams fastening. The Russian builders often adopt the modern technologies, coming into the country, do not fully. The author considers the most common mistakes.

Measurement of toughness and durability of adhesive joints

Theme of the article is Methods and means of measuring the toughness and durability of adhesive joints to the impact of operational factors. In this issue of the magazine the second part of the article is presented. It describes the most widely used methods of testing of adhesives and adhesive joints.

Inserts technology HILTI REBAR

The technology Hilti Rebar, making it possible to paste armature for iron-concrete structures connections, is described. The technology Hilti Rebar is based on the practical conclusion that the pasted armature works as concreted rebar. Information about the new standard, which governs the application of materials when using the mentioned technology, and about the special program Hilti Profis REBAR for calculating the depth of inserting of armature rods depending on the class of concrete.

ABC of fasteners. Anchors
ABC of fasteners. Designations of values

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