№ 3 (41), 2012

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Reyher. Developing, maintaining traditions

The publication contains a brief information of the Company F. Reyher Nchfg. GmbH & Co. KG, one of the largest fastener suppliers in Germany is given. Here you can find some information about the history of the company, which is celebrating the 125th anniversary this year.


Self-clinching fasteners

Description of the most common self-clinchingfasteners for press-fit into sheet metal parts is given. The advantages of self-clinching fasteners, especially of its installation, are pointed. The article provides the information about industrial equipment for installation of this type fasteners.



Molykote® lubricants for threaded connections

Functions of lubricant in the threaded connections are given. The specificity of threaded connections in different conditions is considered. To select a lubricant, taking into account the working conditions and common problems of the operation, the author gives a table designed on the basis of analysis of the characteristics and properties, as well as the experience of the lubricant Molykote applications. Information on the composition and characteristics of the lubricant Molykote is presented in two tables.


Modern technology of clamping fasteners

The design and installation process of clamping fasteners Infalok are described. Differences of connecting with use of this fasteners from other designs and technology connections are listed. There is an announce of new range of technological equipment, especially suitable for quick installation of large diameter clamping fasteners.


New chemical anchor for any holes

A new product from Hilti - the first chemical anchor HIT-HY 200, which does not require cleaning and blowing holes before mounting, is described. Its design and other features, the basic characteristics  are presented. Technology of installation of the new chemical anchor HIT-HY 200 and advantages against previous versions of such products are considered here.


How to become a successful company of the 21st century?

Fragments from the presentation of M. Krasilnikov, executive director of "Factory" Avtopribor" (Vladimir city), speaking at the XII session of the Russian-Lin School (" The development of production systems"). It is published the interview with him on the subject of team building at an enterprise.



About a new material for construction

Here you can find information about the new material LVL (laminated veneer lumber) for wooden construction, which began to be produced in Russia. LVL - multilayer laminated plywood-type material with predominantly longitudinal arrangement of the wood fibers in the layers of veneer.

Promising applications of this material for the Russian market are considered.


To determination of bearing capacity of dowel type connections in LVL structures

The comparative analysis of design method of dowel type connections was conducted from the timber structures, made of LVL brand Ultralam-R of Russian production. The design values of bearing capacity of dowel type connections for different combinations of variable factors were defined according to SP 64.13330.2001 and Eurocode 5. After that, samples of dowel type connections were tested by the procedure of CNIISK im. V.A. Kucherenko. Actual bearing capacity of tested dowel type connections showed up higher that design bearing capacity of tested dowel type connections, specified on Russian and European standards.



How to equip the lab?

The modern measurement means for hardware products monitoring to complete the labs and control departments of companies are presented. The devices, referred to the article, provide high-precision control of hardness, surface roughness measurements, precision measuring variations in the form of cylindrical parts, precision linear measurement of precision components and other high-precision measurements. The information about multisensor coordinate-measuring machines is given.


Hot melt adhesives in Russia

The publication provides information from the key participants speeches at the international conference "Adhesives 2012", held in March of this year in Moscow. Some participants informed about promising developments in the area of ​​hot melt adhesives and plans to expand its product range. It is considered the issue of possible uniting of the adhesive market players into Association.


WURTH expert answers our questions

The issue of compliance of fasteners to the regulations in Russia and Germany is considered. As an example the bolts, made on DIN 931 and DIN 933, are selected. A fragment of the table of fastener standards compliance from the catalog of the company WURTH is given.


ABC of fasteners. About stainless steel

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