№ 3 (45), 2013

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Exhibition of 2013 Fastener Expo Shanghai has become a big event

New fasteners for the Palace Bridge

A new high-strength fasteners to replace the rivets in the constructions of the Palace Bridge is described. Specifically for the reconstruction of the object high-strength bolt kits with ball heads on the basis of GOST R 52643-2006 - GOST R 52646-2006 were developed. New fasteners secure to keep the original appearance of the bridge structure, built almost 100 years ago.

Technologies of non-destructive testing of bolts are developing in Irkutsk

Investigations of Irkutsk State Technical University specialists in the field of non-destructive testing technology of residual stress in aircraft parts are presented here. In particular the equipment of research laboratory for the work in this area is described. Specialists of the laboratory have determined the performance of wing bolts and aluminum plates for the wing panels.

Quality control in Dresselhaus company

Information on the quality management department of the company Dresselhaus is provided here. The department structure is presented. Basic equipment of the department - instruments and testing equipment for quality control of fasteners - is considered in the publication.

The problems of hardware industry in the fastener segment

Information about the main Russian hardware manufactures and the main problems of development of their fastener productions is provided in the article. The example of successful development of new production is given. The author lists the Issues of development of the metal fastener enterprise-producers and proposes the variants of actions for their solutions.

How to solve the problem of jamming of stainless steel fasteners

The measures to prevent jamming and to ensure high-quality stainless steel fasteners tightened on the basis of solid lubricants in the form of pastes and anti-friction coatings are suggested. The results of experimental studies threaded pastes on bolt kits made of austenitic stainless steel are given. Research and practice have shown their high operating efficiency to prevent seizing of stainless steel fasteners, reduce and stabilize the coefficient of twist.

Rivets. Landmarks quality

The issues of selection of rivets are considered. The main criteria of choosing fasteners of this type are highlighted like the key task of selection. The typical task of choosing the rivet is presented. The rivets division into three main categories, according to the principle of "producer - price - quality", are proposed.

Installation of metal screws Hilti

Information about the different types of fasteners of the company Hilti for installation of metal structures, including sandwich panels is provided. The design features of the products are described. The tool to install fasteners at the construction sites is presented.

Is there a future of threaded connections?

This is the beginning of the third part of the article - Innovative threadless connections. The author examines the issue: what could be the basis for threadless connections? Marked The most promising directions of the transition to threadless connections are marked by the author, according to his oppinion. The main provisions of the transition program are given . The end of the article will be published in the next issue of the magazine.

Creating of glue-welded connections

The features and benefits of glue-welded connections are described.
The author sets out the indicators that affect the quality of glue-welded connections: the properties of welded materials , the quality of welded details surfaces, thermal properties of the adhesive , welding conditions . The basic methods of preparing glue-welded connections are presented.

New adhesive systems for autobody producing

Describes some know- how of the concern Dürr Systems Wolfsburg GmbH in the field of bonding process of car body welding are described. As an example of an innovative short roller technology of bonding, used in conjunction with spot welding, is given here.

Updating of standards for bolts, screws and nuts

The publication illustrates the update of the fund of national standards for threaded fasteners. The tables showing the Russian standards, which are to be replaced or canceled , for different types of threaded fasteners - bolts, screws, self-tapping screws and nuts – are given. The tables have been prepared in Technical Committee № 229 "Fasteners ".

Projects of interstate standards for fasteners, submitted for public consultation

Finalizing the standards discussion

Calendar of foreign exhibitions

Taiwan Hardware Show implements new ideas

Calendar of Russian exhibitions

Information about Russian exhibitions