№ 3 (49), 2014

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Fastener exhibitions in today's world

Phil Matten, Editor of “Fastener + Fixing” Magazine gives a description of the specialized exhibitions related to the theme "Fastener and equipment for its production". The author considers the conceptual difference of the exhibitions in different countries. He provides guidelines for choosing the events to attend and visit.

Fastener Fair Russia in 2014 was held at VDNH

CORNERIVIT for self-service solutions

Choice of a drill without compromise

The publication contains the main principles of the drill selection. Overview of the design features of FEIN drills is presented. High consumer characteristics are provided by the main tool components, which are described in the article, including the drill chucks. Information about the range of FEIN drills is given.

Way of reviving the fastener industry

The factors for development of industrial production of fasteners are pointed. The author shows, on the example of the company "Parallel", that today in Russia it is possible to produce competitive fasteners, corresponding to the global production technologies. He considers it is necessary to have a clear program of action of the state in the fastener industry for 5-10 years.

Innovative solutions from HECO

The publication describes new fasteners of the company HECO (Germany), used in wooden construction. Structural screws HECO-TOPIX® and their capabilities are presented. Screws HECO-Topix-CombiConnect® are unparalleled in the modern wooden construction. These screws, having two plots of thread, create an effect of tightening parts. Examples of application them in nodes of wooden structures are given. Screws HECO-UNIX®, thanks to a variable-pitch thread, allow you to join parts without gaps. (Continuation of the article will be in the next issue).

Innovative scopes of Flaig + Hommel

And yet they spin!

The problem of scrolling of high-strength bolts, class 10.9, when they are pulled by the torque wrench to design forces, is considered. The results of experiments with elements bolt sets, performed according the current and previously canceled standards are given. In the article there are recommendations for minimizing the effects of bolts scrolling.

Errors in fastener applications at construction

The author draws attention to the quality control of modern fasteners for construction. The information about some errors in the application of the anchors at the facade works, as well as in the application of other fasteners is presented. Practical recommendations on the methods of operational control at selection and installation of various fasteners are given.

Down Archimedes street - to "World of Joining Together"

THS 2014. Famous brands under one roof

Calendar of the foreign exhibitions

CIFM / Interzum Guangzhou 2014 was attended by a record number of visitors

Taiwan International Fastener Show (TIFS) 2014 was held at the new space

Fastener Expo Shanghai 2014 became even more

Increasing operational properties of automobile fasteners

Typical problems, connected with the car-related fasteners are pointed. A variant to eliminate these problems by using coatings is considered. Based on the experience of cooperation with automakers, the specialists developed a series of coatings under the brand Molykote® (more than 15 items), which allow to solve spectrum of problems associated with fasteners at transport.

Universal fastening for crankcase guard

Problems with installation of pallets for car engine protection connected with inaccessibility of the rear side of the chassis, including the impossibility of fasteners fixing are shown. The used variants of fixing for protective pallets are given. It is proposed mounting brackets of new patented design.

Automated system for setting of cable ties

Firstly introduced in Russia at the exhibition Fastener Fair Russia 2014, fully automated system for mounting of cable ties AutoTool 2000 from HellermannTayton is described here. The characteristics of the system installation and possible areas of application are given.

Is there a future of threaded connections?

The article finishes the series of articles, published in previous issues. The author concludes on the possibility of replacing the threaded connections into mechanical threadless connections. As an example, various embodiments of pipe joints are given. The author provides references that can be used to develop new types of connection elements.

Looking through other editions

Adhesives-sealants based on MS-polymer for the automotive industry

The basic functions of adhesives at the assembly of vehicle are given. Created specifically for use in the transport industry, taking into account the special conditions of operation, adhesives-sealants Merbenit® are considered. These industrial adhesives-sealants Merbenit® are based on MS-polymer.

Calendar of the Russian exhibitions