№ 3 (53), 2015

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Rivit tools for fastening systems

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Interview with President of Fastener Association of Guangdong, China

How to improve the corrosion protection of bolted joints in steel constructions of bridges?

The problems of technology solutions complex  of corrosion protection in bolted connections are considered in the article. This complex includes the simultaneous use of complex means of protection against corrosion, providing a stable frictional characteristics of the contact surfaces and high-strength fasteners, and also anticorrosion lacquer-painting protection of steel structures, created at a factory.
Among the considered issues there are: the calculated assessment of the carrying capacity of bolt-contact, the causes of corrosion of the contact surfaces, increasing the tightness of bolted connections, perspectives of technologies use for integrated corrosion protection.

Choosing a supplier, visit his warehouse

In the current magazine issue you can find the  interview of Chief Editor with N. Tarasov , CEO of companies group "Center of fasteners" (CKI).

The angle of the thread profile and the calculation of savings

The publication presents the results of experimental verification of the studs with a reduced angle of the thread profile. It contains the author calculations, justifying the choice of studs at the purchase.

Studs – the
reason for the column fall  

An example of the consequences of the use of threaded studs with an unusual angle thread is given here. The article contains fragments of expert testing. The author shows the differences in the forms of thread, indicates the investigation of use of such studs for the threaded joints.

Hilti X-BT – technology of attachment to steel

A brief description of the new attachment technology to steel is given here. The use of this technology - an alternative to the currently used technology of the threaded studs welding.

Features of design and manufacture of the thread rolling tools for the self-tapping screws at JSC "MMK-Metiz" 

The solution of the main task at designing of the thread rolling dies - obtain the necessary parameters for the thread of self-tapping screws. At the study of the process of the tip formation, empirically,  the experts obtained dependences of the point of process beginning , the length of the portion of the tip forming and the final point of the process from the size of self-tapping screws. The basis of the technological process at manufacturing of thread rolling dies is the process of treatment at the milling machining centers with CNC. 

Looking through other editions 

Increasing of productivity at assembly of case products  

The description of the new development of Dow Corning® in the field of adhesives and sealants for industrial use for fast assembly is presented here. The basic properties of the developed composition are given. The advantages of the developed adhesive-sealant in comparison with conventional adhesives- sealants are shown in the article.

A list of the current Russian standards on "Metric thread" 

At Rosstandart website there are posted notifications on the development of new standards

Calendar of the foreign exhibitions

FERROFORMA exhibition was successfully held in Bilbao, Spain

Calendar of the Russian exhibitions 

Information about the Russianexhibitions