№ 3 (57), 2016

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News from Europe

Fasteners from Rechitsa – for different countries
The interview by Alexander Ostashov with Director of Rechitsa Hardware Plant Victor G. Samonchik is presented here. Rechitsa Hardware Plant has a long history, in 2012 it celebrated its centenary anniversary since the date of foundation. Its products, made in Belarus, are delivered to many European countries.

A new level of manufacturing of fastener products in Russia
In September 2015 in Ryazan region of Russia a modern plant for the production of fasteners and calibrated rolled metal with a full production cycle was opened. Yury Medvedev, General Director of high-strength fasteners plant "BERVEL", answered questions of Alexander Ostashov, Chief Editor of "Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and..." magazine.

About associations in different industries and countries
The historical facts about the merchant and industrial associations in Russia are presented. The publication provides an overview of various associations, the purposes of their creation. The author marks the actual directions for development of the Russian fastener market. The views of some business leaders on the advisability of creating the association of fastener suppliers are given.

Manufacture of metal products. Is it profitable to buy used machines?
The advantages and disadvantages of options for start of fastener production in different conditions are considered. Detailed description of the benefits of starting production of hardware products based on used equipment is given. The author presents the views of entrepreneurs with opposing positions on the issue of advisability to use previously operated equipment.

New GOST for anchor fixings is created
Information related to the development of a new GOST "Anchor fixings for construction is presented. Terms and definitions. Classification" is provided in the publication. The opinions on the first draft of the new GOST and the process of development of this document are set out.

On the classification of anchors
Characteristics of fasteners, inherent them in the initial period of their use, are presented. The features of the anchors for the construction and installation works are considered. The author suggests to group the classification signs of anchors into 3 categories: performance, installation and construction.

Innovative connection technology for sheet metal parts
This is a continuation of the article, started in issue 1 /2016 of our magazine. Certain methods of mechanical joints without the use of special fasteners, as well as the connections made with usage of special methods of plastic deformation are considered. The schemes of the implementation of these methods are given.

Application of adhesives and sealants in the repair of plastic machine parts
The purpose of the article - generalization and systematization of publications in the foreign literature on the use of adhesives and sealants when bonding a variety parts made of plastic and composites. For each of the plastics groups the glues of different chemical nature and different bonding technologies are used. The process of selecting of the adhesive material, associated with features of plastic, is considered.

The Russian wrench with a rotation angle sensor
The torque wrenches KME, produced by JSC "Instrum-Rand", are described. The distinctive feature of KME wrenches is the built-in electronic gyroscope (angle sensor). KME wrenches are designed for accurate measurements and tightening the threaded connections by different ways at the machine-building enterprises in the conditions of small-batch, serial and mass production. The technical characteristics and functional possibilities are given.

Jubilee seminar on standardization was held in a new format
Since May 30 till June 1, 2016 in St. Petersburg there was held the X annual international workshop on standardization. This time its organizer - the company "Normdocs" - offered the program of seven thematic sections. The main topics of the presentations are listed here.

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