№ 3 (61), 2017

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How do new fasteners come into the Russian structures?
An interview, which was taken by Editor-in-Chief from Dmitry Aleksandrovich Kuznetsov, General Director of the company "Flayg + Hommel", is given. Their successful experience in the introduction of new fasteners – locking FS nuts – is presented.

Meeting of the working group T2.9 FIB "Fastenings to structural concrete and masonry"
Information on the working group T2.9 “Fastenings to structural concrete and masonry” of the fib – International Federation for Structural Concrete (www.fib-international.org) – is given. In 2016 the NIIZhB by A. A. Gvozdev SIC "Construction" was included in this group. The main content of the meeting of the working group, held this year on May 15-16 in Vienna (Austria), when there were discussed the issues in the field of calculations rationing of anchorage fastenings, is highlighted.

Self-tapping screws for mounting of wooden structures
The modern self-tapping screws for use in various nodes of wooden structures are considered. The features of the construction of the cap of self-tapping screws for fixing parts of different types are given. The results of the research of CNIISK by Kucherenko, which confirmed the compliance of self-tapping screws of the Russian trade mark HIMTEXfix with the requirements of STO 36554501-032-2014 "Wooden structures. Nodal connections of elements of wooden structures with the use of screws and wood screws working on the perception of axial forces", are pointed.

Fire protection of air ducts: features of fasteners
The article considers the relevance of the fire protection systems for air ducts and reveals the existing ways of systems installing, their advantages and disadvantages. A modern solution that allows to reduce the influence of the human factor, when stone wool is fixing to air ducts, is proposed.

Is it worth to reinvent the wheel, or again about threaded studs and thread quality
The results of tests of three samples of threaded studs DIN976 M16х1000 of strength class 4.8 are presented. Samples were chosen for the tests from trading networks with different profile angles (one sample – with an angle of 45 °, another – with an angle of 30 ° and with an angle of 60 °). Comparative test results and photographs are shown.

The geometry of the thread has been corrected by the legislation
The author gives his answer to the publication "Does the market want to adjust the geometry of the thread?" from the previous issue of the magazine. The article sums up the discussion on the angle size of the profile of the metric thread for threaded studs, which are offered at the Russian market.

Is it possible to avoid competitive wars when selling standard fasteners?
The discussion of issues related to the defense of the thesis of Victoria Bialostokova on the topic "Positioning of companies in the B2B market of standardized goods" is given. In the course of work on the thesis she conducted a study in one of the companies selling fasteners. Viktoria's responses are commented on by Vyacheslav Tarasov, Director for Development of the Group of Companies CKI.

Transition to a single vendor – building of trust relationships
It is noted that the development of partnership relations can provide significant benefits for both parties by creating a more favorable climate for joint work in the direction of improving the quality and reducing the overall cost. The advantages of supply from one source are shown. In the form of a scheme, the path of action to reduce the variability of incoming products is presented.

The principles of distribution of responsibility should be clear
It is noted that the long absence of the private law institutions and the restoration of them in incomplete and distorted form led Russia to create vicious cycles of avoidance of responsibility on both sides: on the part of leaders this is most often associated with incompetence, and on the part of executors - with unsecured assignments by appropriate methods and resources. As a cure for the disease called "flight from responsibility" the author suggests the "presumption of responsibility" approach.

How to ensure the quality of repair of the flange connections?
Infringements, repeatedly revealed by experts-supervisors in the course of overhaul of flanged connections at industrial enterprises of Russia, are considered. Among them: poor-quality disassembly/assembly of the flange connection, violation of the technology at the use of tools and equipment, assembly of the flange connection is performed by the personnel with insufficient qualifications. A step-by-step scheme for providing services for supervising flange connections is presented.

Sealants instead of traditional flange seals
Advantages of using liquid flanged sealants compared with the use of solid gaskets are considered. Liquid anaerobic sealants and sealants based on RTV-silicone of trade mark W-Tech can be used regardless of the geometric dimensions of the flange connection. The recommendations for the selection of W-Tech products are given.

Polyurethane adhesives with increased heat resistance
The possibility of increasing the heat resistance of adhesives based on polyurethanes was studied. It was shown that by the introduction of silicon atoms into the polymer chain, the desired result can be achieved. The silicon atom was introduced in various ways: a silicon-containing diol was used as a chain extender, silicon-containing nanoparticles were introduced at the stage of synthesis, a polyurethane siloxane polymer containing silicon atoms was synthesized.

Which tool can perform the correct holes for the anchors?

On the development of international standards
The advantages provided by ISO standards (hereinafter International Standards) are shown. Data on the standards development process are given: how they decide on the development of standards, who develops standards, how ISO standards are developed. The stages of the development of International Standards are given.

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