№ 3 (65), 2018

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FZP II anchors for concealed fastening – a new look at the aesthetics of facades
With the help of the fischer FZP II anchor, many projects have been implemented to fasten facade panels made of natural stone. There are several examples of this solution for different kinds of stones. For facade thin panels of fiber cement, HPL plastic, ceramics of 8-12 mm thick, fischer engineers specially developed an additional version of the anchor – FZP II-T. The information on the tests of anchors FZP II 11x6 M6/T/10 RA for concealed fastening in the fiber-cement facade panels EQUITONE Linea of 8 mm thickness is given.

Improvement of the regulatory framework for joints of the wooden structures on screws
Introduction in the design practice of a new set of rules "Wooden structures with knots on screws. Development Rules" will increase the reliability of building structures made of wood with connections on screws, and it will also reduce the likelihood of errors in the calculation of structures. According to the text of the document, the detailed comments of its developers are presented.

Eurotec offers its solutions
A brief information about the company Eurotec (Germany) and the range of its products is given in the article.

Improvement of the regulatory framework in the field of fasteners of direct mounting
The analysis of the existing situation in the field of design and evaluation of the bearing capacity of fastening elements, installed with the help of powder technique of direct mounting, is given. Proposals how to create and improve the system of normative documents are presented.

At the struggle for quality
The information about the work of the organizers of "Fastening. Quality and Responsibility" Conference on the results of the May 2018 conference on preparation of a letter to the State Commission for Combating Illegal Turnover of Industrial Products under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation with a proposal to include in the list of mandatory certification certain fasteners for engineering and construction industries is given in the publication.

Self-tapping screws with a press-washer: how to recognize a counterfeit
Self-tapping screws for metal with a press-washer (with a flange) are one of the best-selling hardware in Russia due to its versatility. In the competition for the client, some suppliers of this fastener reduce the price making the tricks with quality. The article lists the main techniques that they use.

Some resume of the publications about the quality of the threaded stud
The publications from the magazine on the topic of threaded studs with a reduced angle of the thread profile are listed. The analysis of answers of the participants of the round table, published in the previous issue of the magazine, is presented. An example of work with the similar studs with use of the nuts, specially made in the firm manufacturing metal structures, is given.

About the lie and fasteners

Self-tapping screws: 100 "live" queries
The frequently encountered questions on the creation of self-tapping screws production are publish. The questions reflect the interest of their authors in the development of business in the hardware sector of the industry. They also demonstrate the urgency of specialists training and a lack of literature on the manufacture of fasteners.

We come from R-management
Two models of management are considered: repressive or "R-management" and motivational one. The author highlights the main negative effects in the development of R-management – the disruption of the dialogue, the rejection of the contractual practice of the formation of works, the unilateral dictatorship of managers and, as a response, extremely high uncertainty of results, demotivation and low quality and labor productivity.

NOF Metal Coatings Group: protection and quality
NOF Metal Coatings Group, a world leader in research and implementation of corrosion protection systems, is a part of the Japanese chemical group of NOF Corporation. The answers of the company top managers to the questions of Marco A. Guerritore, Chief Editor of “Italian Fasteners” Magazine, are published.

Zinc-lamellar coating systems – an alternative for high level corrosion protection
Evolutionary history of zinc-lamellar coatings is given. Zinc flake systems show better electrical conductivity than zinc dust systems. When using zinc-lamellar coatings, a steady cathodic protection is achieved. Coatings from zinc flakes are widely used in the automotive industry, since they provide a high degree of protection against corrosion. The component composition of zinc-lamellar systems is described. An overview of the methods of zinc-lamellar coatings applying is given.

Website for a fastener company
The existing types of websites, relevant for the fastener segment at the moment, are listed. The necessary accompanying conditions for the work of a website are indicated. Recommendations for creating and maintaining of a website are given. The references to the websites of some companies are presented.

VIAM conducted a conference on research of adhesives

We represent the European association of manufacturers of adhesive tapes

In St. Petersburg was held XII International Workshop on Standardization

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