№ 3 (73), 2020

This issue of the magazine is prepared and published with the support of Trade firm SK, LLC (Russia); Industrial solutions, LLC (Russia); Rusbolt, LLC (Russia); Europartner, LLC (Russia); BERVEL, LLC (Russia); Mir Krepezha TD, LLC (Russia); Himtex (Russia); ВсВ, LLC (Russia); NPK STEP, LLC (Russia); SACMA Limbiate S.p.A. (Italy); Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp. (China); Rivit S.r.l. (Italy).


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News from abroad

SACMA Group: an ever-evolving reality
The President of the SACMA Group of companies, Dr. Valeriano Rampezzotti, answered the questions of Marco A. Guerritore, Chief Editor of Italian Fastener magazine, about the changes, that have taken place in the company, and the prospects for the development of SACMA.

How can the fastener industry become Russian?
Here is the interview with A. N. Kurov, Director LLC "Parallel", made by Alexander Ostashev, Chief Editor of the magazine. In A. N. Kurov’s opinion, the main thing that hinders the development of the fastener industry is the lack of stable work, of trust between market participants, uncertainty about the future. This situation is typical for all participants in the order fulfillment chain: manufacturers, trading companies, consumers.

About the project "Let's make the fastener industry Russian"
In recent years, there have been changes in the Russian fastener market in the segment of fastener production. The main changes are listed. It was proposed to start a public project, the purpose of which is to cover the needs of the Russian consumers with locally produced fasteners. It can be a project, that brings together the actions of different market players in one direction.

Fasteners-online. The experience and prospects of sales
Information about the online conference for fasteners suppliers with this topic, which took place on 23 July, is provided here. The organizer of the event is the Fastener Suppliers Club. The main speaker at the conference was Alexey Fedorov, Chairman of the Committee e-commerce development of TPP RF, General Director of the company “220 Volt”.

The market of irresponsible fasteners exists. We have to admit it. Should we put up with it?
Information about the round table of fasteners suppliers of August 26, organized by the Fastener Suppliers Club at the ZOOM web platform, is posted. The topic of the round table was identified by the question: "Should suppliers give consumers a choice and an opportunity to buy a cheaper and lower quality product?" Among the participants, who exchanged their views, were the heads and specialists of the companies KMP, Europartner, Wurth-Ural, Krepkom, Alfa-ARS.

Why online advertising seems to be ineffective
The issues related to erroneous and correct assessments of the effectiveness of contextual advertising are considered. An approach for a full assessment of the effectiveness of advertising costs is proposed.

Online shop is like a robot. Where is the place for a salesperson?
Sooner or later, non-specialists will be replaced by automates, machines, robots. The answer to the question “how can people compete with them?” is given.

Motivation. From "selfishness" to "altruism"
Modern business and modern people require an integrated approach. Today, many factors often become more important than additional material motivation. Attention is drawn to the theory of Graves, according to which the value orientations and motivation of a person and a team develop in a spiral.

History of fastener manufacturing in Japan
Brief historical information about the beginning of fastener production in Japan is given. The role of industrial associations in the development of this industry is noted.

How to speed up the development of custom fastener with Rapid Prototyping
Quick creation of product mockups allows obtaining product samples for testing their quality. Features and benefits of rapid prototyping are described.

Calculation of a multi-stud flange connection in the finite element analysis package "Zenit-95"
When designing detachable connections for high-pressure vessels, it is necessary to ensure tightness and sufficient mechanical strength under operating conditions. The calculation in the Zenit-95 program allows you to check the satisfaction of the necessary conditions. The calculation for joints of three materials and the diagrams of tension-compression are given.

Locking of threaded connections and the pre-applied fixative Vibra-Tite VC-3
Vibra-Tite VC-3 is a blend of hard and soft acrylic polymers in a solvent, used in many industries with other classic Vibra-Tite anaerobic thread fixatives or separately from them. The difference between Vibra-Tite VC-3 and liquid anaerobic compositions is indicated.

About the advantages of elastic adhesives
The analysis of the test results of six brands of domestic production adhesives, under various types of load is presented. In particular, it is shown how different adhesive samples withstand non-standard bending tests, in which an uneven load is applied to the adhesive joint. It is shown that the "classical" parameters characterizing the strength of the adhesive under uniform loads are of little information without additional physical and mechanical tests. Also, the article provides practical advice on the choice of adhesives for various operating conditions.

Making copper rivets in the Middle Ages workshop of the Volga Bulgaria
In 2018, at the Rozhdestvensky settlement in the Perm Territory, a coppersmith's workshop was first discovered and partially studied. It contains an expressive series of copper rivets at all stages of production. This made it possible to reconstruct in detail the entire process of their production, given in the article.

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"Non-standard" seminar on standardization
Information about the XIV annual international seminar on standardization, which took place in St. Petersburg on July 7 and 8, 2020, is provided. The organizer of the event is the "Normdocs" company.

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