№ 3 (77), 2021

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News from abroad

RIV609: doubles productivity

Fastening error viruses hit many companies

Promising lubricants for fastener manufacturing processes
The basic assortment of products used as a lubricating and cooling technological medium during metal pressure processing is presented. The features of the use of cutting fluids for thread rolling with flat dies are noted. To solve such tasks, production tests were carried out for the water-soluble type FUCHSRENOFORM DMW 3002 R cutting fluid. The test results are shown.

Economical and environmentally friendly production of welding wire
The difficulties faced by a modern manufacturer of welding wire are outlined. The solution to the problems can be a through-type electrolytic copper plating installation. The main advantages of this installation and the features of the technological process are given.

Issues of performing the correct anchoring at the construction site
A list of parameters and requirements that should be paid attention to, when selecting and installing an anchor directly on the construction site, is given. Information on checking the quality of the installation of the anchorage is provided.

From the analysis of the reasons for the existence of dangerous counterfeits
The excerpts from the reports of the Internet conference "Health protection: problems of organization, management and levels of responsibility" held in 2007 are presented. The cited reports were made by I. B. Ryazantseva, one of the authors of the book "Falsification of Medicines in Russia". The economic criminogenic factors of the modern market and consumer safety issues are highlighted.

Beam support. How to make an conscious choice?
Three types of beam supports used in wooden housing construction are listed. Leading beam manufacturers provide the corresponding fasteners and information on the permissible loads in the nodal connections. A look-up table of loads at nodal connections with SBE supports is provided.

Brand development with display advertising
Display advertising is a type of online advertising in which advertising materials with a wide coverage (audio, video, banners) are shown to Internet users. At the same time, users may not be associated with the advertised product or service at all and they are selected for display only due to their interests or behavior on the Internet. The main types of display advertising are indicated. The questions of the strategy of development of the trade mark, as well as the assessment of the effectiveness of display advertising are considered.

Fasteners on guard of health

"Sugar in front of the nose" or What's wrong with motivating sales teams in 2021?

5 myths about structural adhesives
Structural adhesives can be used as direct analogues of traditional fasteners, providing all the advantages of an adhesive bond. In the first part of the article, the myths about the unreliability of connections with these adhesives, about the apparent simplicity of making the connection are arguably refuted. A diagram of the main types of structural adhesives and their comparison, taking into account technological and physical characteristics, is presented.

How to train a modern design engineer
It is listed, what competencies a design engineer should have. The author marks "white spots" in the university training of future specialists. The necessary condition for the formation of experienced personnel – motivation in the creation of original solutions – is highlighted.

Joseph Whitworth's development of the concept of interchangeability of parts

In memory of Sergio Pirovano

Bridges of life. 700+

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Suppliers of materials, equipment, tools for the production of fasteners and springs

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