№ 3 (81), 2022

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News from abroad

Meet: KEBA Fastenings

Fasteners from Turkey. Opinion and observations

About the Turkish Association of Fastener Industrialists and Businesspeople BESIAD

7th Conference of the European Fastener Distributor Association EFDA

How to create your own production?
In recent years, the topic of creating the Russian production facilities has become particularly acute. How are new industries born in the current conditions? – About this, the Editor-in-chief asked questions to Semyon Volkov, Technical Director of ZIV LLC.

Shaping tool for the production of fasteners
One of the conditions for the successful development of the production of fasteners is a high-quality shaping tool. The durability of the tool directly affects the cost of production, the conformity of the geometry of the tool to the drawing – on its quality. An example of cooperation on the development of a shaping tool for the production of building fasteners is presented.

Vehicle designs evolve along with the development of fasteners
Designers are developing lightweight models, using more durable materials to reduce the weight of the car. For example, replacing steel panels with aluminum alloys or composite materials can significantly reduce vehicle weight without compromising its strength and integrity. Among the promising method of joining new materials there is riveting technology without pre-drilling, which is presented in the publication.

New screws and their correct application
Recommendations on the use of the two most promising types of screws – threaded to the head and threaded to the part of the shaft are presented. To ensure the required properties of the joints of wooden parts, appropriate screws should be selected. The optimal choice of fasteners will let to achieve a longer life of the structure. This is especially important if the connection is subject to changes in the external environment.

Another approach to the company management. The experience of CKI Group
Recently, the main task of management has become change handling. The speed, frequency and depth of ongoing changes is increasing year by year, and in such situation the company's task is to comply and quickly adapt. The experience of carrying out organizational changes, the purpose of which is to make the company more flexible and adaptive, is described here.

Continuous learning process
Professional development is one of the foundations of personal productivity in the company. According to the author, the performance of employees of Group of Companies Alfa Ars is based on three components: an internal corporate website, the Space of Communication club and the Book Club. All three of these components are a completely voluntary process for each employee.

How do we look for "our" employee?

Sales of fasteners and positioning by consumer
At present, two poles of fastener consumers can be identified: industrial enterprises and craftsmen. For suppliers of fasteners, it is important to decide which consumers they will work for, as this positioning is linked to the quality level of fasteners.

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ISO plans for the development of thread standards

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