№ 3 (85), 2023

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Evaluation of the protective ability of zinc coatings using X-ray microanalysis
To study the protective ability of zinc coatings, fasteners with thermal diffusion coating “Stakokor” of JSC “TsNIIPSK im. Melnikova”, fasteners with TDC of other companies and hot zinc coating obtained at the temperature of 550°C by “ZVK BERVEL” LLC was chosen. The study was carried out using the method of X-ray spectral microanalysis, given in STO 02494680-0074-2022 “Building steel structures. Connections with high-strength bolts. Technical requirements. Control methods". The results are presented, as well as the appearance of the bolts after corrosion tests. It is noted that fasteners with a zinc coating obtained by hot-dip galvanizing at 550°C have high anti-corrosion properties.

Modern fasteners cannot exist without a zinc lamellar coating
The topic of fastener protection is one of the most pressing when creating reliable structures. The Dürer company decided to create its own production of promising zinc laminate coatings (ZLP). An interview of the editor-in-chief with the head of the Dürer Group of Companies Dmitry Merkin is posted.

Wedge anchors are now produced in Russia
The editor-in-chief interviewed Vladislav Kozlov, director of VsV LLC, the creator of the first Russian production of anchors for construction. Answers to various questions related to the creation of a new production are provided.

On the possibility of localizing the production of tools for manufacturing of fasteners
An assessment of the volume of consumption of tools for fasteners in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus is given. The reasons for restraining the localization of production of taps and thread rolling tools in the Russian Federation are noted. The process of localizing the production of shaping tools is active. Ideas to reduce the cost of ownership of a forming tool are proposed.

About the history of the creation of specifications on threaded rods for wooden structures
The situation of implementing a construction project with wooden rafter structures is presented. To connect the structural elements, claw washers were chosen, the use of which required appropriate threaded rods.

Stainless steel fastener as electrical connector
A non-standard use of stainless steel fasteners as a high-ampere detachable connection used in electronics and electrical engineering is proposed. For the study, fasteners made of A2 steel were selected, calculations of the maximum current strength for threaded parts were made in accordance with current standards, and experiments were carried out.

Fasteners and youth
Russia has now entered a phase of shortage of employees under the age of 30. College and university graduates currently prefer to work in the interesting and rich IT industry. Approaches to solving the personnel issue in CKI group of companies are presented.

High-quality installation of metal structures will be ensured only by qualified specialists
An approximate curriculum is proposed to improve the qualifications of assembly workers and engineering and technical workers in the field of technology for making and accepting connections on high-strength bolts in steel building structures.

Selling fasteners on marketplaces
An example of personal launch of goods on marketplaces is given, as well as experience of opening stores at Ozone and Yandex Market. An analysis of current fastener sellers in Wildberries is given. It is noted that it is advisable to go to marketplaces to sell fasteners, taking into account a number of conditions specified in the article.

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