№ 4 (34), 2010

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Contens summary (English)


Fasteners: price-quality

This article discusses the matter of cheap fasteners. The author draws attention to what you should regard as the overall economic effect of the use of fasteners. A part of the article is devoted to determining the quality of fasteners in sales. It is provided the answer to the actual in Russia question: how can you distinguish high-quality fasteners from poor-quality ones?

NEDSCHROEF system to reduce production costs

The publication describes a successful example of establishing a permanent system to improve production. The article presents the concept and principles of NEDSCHROEF system to reduce production costs, the system indicators of costs reducing. The organization of a continuous improvement process, identifying the main factors and methods is discussed in detail.

M-Cut will cover the whole Russia

The article describes a new fastener item - screw M-Cut, which has been started selling  in Russia. Its features are detailed here. The author draws attention to the broad scope and economic effect of its use. Examples of application are given here.

On the Validity of determining the mechanical properties of high-strength bolts by testing processed (peeled) samples

The purpose of this study was to test the lawfulness of the definition of strength and plastic properties of high strength fasteners, having different structural states (manufactured by different technologies), by comparing the test results of full-size bolts and treated samples (peeled bolts).
Subjects of the study were bolts of experimental batch of M10x70 size and imported bolts, 8.8 class, of similar size.
The conclusions of the article provide recommendations for improving the current standards for fasteners testing.

RIVSET ® - systems for setting of self-penetrating rivets

One of the modern ways of thin sheet materials joining is a technology RIVSET ®, offered by BÖLLHOFF.
At present RIVSET technology is gaining more and more popularity in a variety of industries - from automotive to manufacturing of metal furniture, replacing traditional methods of connection and, at the first place, spot welding. One reason of it is the possibility of reliable connecting of various materials.
Self-penetrating rivets RIVSET ® differ in shape, geometric dimensions, the degree of hardness, the characteristics of surface coverage and are selected in accordance with what materials it is necessary to connect,
The company Böllhoff offers a wide range of systems for the installation of self-penetrating rivets RIVSET ®, ranging from hand and finishing with systems for automated production, which can be easily adapted to specific production environments.
RIVSET ® Portable – a portable battery hand tool

Latent terrace fastener "Key"

The list of invented fixings for terrace boards is given. The patented variety of terrace fastener item of the British firm Richard Burbridge Deck Ties is described here. The sequence of fasteners installing operations is shown.

Some information about the locking elements for threaded connections

The author describes some locking elements which are used to ensure the reliability of designs. The information on variants of these elements testing is given. Efficacy of different elements for locking threaded joints are compared here.

Features of thermodiffusion galvanizing of steel products during induction heating method

The subject of the article is a comparative analysis of the traditional method of thermal-diffusion zinc coating fastener products, using radiation heating in electrical resistance furnaces, and the method of thermodiffusion galvanizing in induction cells, proposed by the author.

Adhesion properties of water dispersion acrylic adhesives

The article shows dependences of adhesive properties of water dispersion acrylic adhesive on the molecular weight of the copolymer, the surface energy substrates and the insertion of modifying additives for increasing of the adhesive joint strength. The data resulting from research are given. Usage of the obtained data will allow to produce high-quality adhesive materials with desired properties and high consumer characteristics.


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