№ 4 (42), 2012

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Resources of fastener production in Russia

In the article some of the resources that can contribute to the development of business in the Russian fastener market nowadays are listed. The author's speech at the first national conference "Wire and fasteners – 2012" became the basis of the article

Development of standards for high-strength fasteners

The main issues arising from the development of the first edition of six international standards for the sets of high-strength fasteners are considered. By publishing this article, the author – standards maker – invites all interested parties to the open discussion on the drafts of standards.

AVDEL’s innovations in the field of cassette fasteners

The system of cassette "quick" fasteners Avdel Speed ​​Fastening® is presented. Its features and application fields are described here. The photos of products, which use fasteners of the system, are presented.

Stainless steel fasteners according to European standards

The main characteristics of stainless steel fasteners imported from Europe, according to the standard DIN EN ISO 3506 "Mechanical properties of corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners", are given. The features of different types of steel are considered here. The author provides general guidelines for choosing stainless steel fasteners.

Is there a future of threaded connections?

The basis for this publication was the  report "Innovative technical solutions for high-strength connections" at the scientific and technical conference "High-strength fasteners: Quality and Responsibility" 14.03.2012. In this issue of the magazine the first part of the article about the perfection degree of threaded connections is published. The author considers the characteristics of threaded connections. The analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of these connections is given. The author makes a conclusion about the poor technological design of threaded connections.

Electroconductive paste Molykote® for threaded connections

The main functions of threaded pastes are listed here. The paste application for electrical contacts is described. The mechanism of the conductive paste action is presented. Here you can find the table with the comparative performance of electric conductive pastes Molykote®.

Adhesive threaded connections

In this issue of the magazine you can read the first part of the article, which focuses on locking and sealing of threaded connections. The distinctive features of anaerobic adhesives, compared to any other adhesive materials, as well as the differences between these glues are described. The advantages and disadvantages of adhesive threaded connections are presented.

Electric spark strengthens cutting tools

The author describes the nature of the process of  electrospark metal coatings application. Device "BIG-4", which is designed for the application of metallic coatings for various purposes by the electric spark method of treatment is presented. The table shows the types of surfaces of tools for processing by this method and the recommended values ​​of the coating thickness. Examples of the use of this hardening method at various enterprises to increase the wear resistance of a wide variety of tools used in metal treatment by cutting and pressure are given here.

Who has Technical Certificate for fasteners?

Contemporary fasteners for sheet metal - basic terms

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