№ 4 (46), 2013

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New manufacturer of fasteners "Chelninskiy Hardware Plant - CUTTER"

In his interview to our magazine the head of OOO "ChMZ- CUTTER" Anatoly G. Kirillov describes an example of establishment of the industrial enterprise in modern conditions. This company produces special types of fasteners on customer's drawings.

Conference "Fasteners . Quality and Responsibility" confirmed the relevance of its theme

The topics of the speakers of the conference "Fasteners . Quality and Responsibility", which took place on 20 and 21 November at the St. Petersburg Congress Center "Petrocongress", are presented in this publication. Organizers of the conference – the editors of "Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and..." Magazine and Exhibition Association "Restec".

Issues of quality in the manufacture of flanged fasteners
The article analyzes the requirements for flanged fasteners, set in three different regulations. The author concluded that the abundance of conflicting data in different regulations on the flange fasteners weakened requirements to it.

Universal Configurator of fasteners as a new factor in increasing the quality of customer service

The new technology of choice of fasteners in the conditions of big plurality of product types and factors, affecting the particular appliance of the products, is presented. The proposed technology is universal and can be applied not only for fasteners, but also for any other objects - products and materials, which are used in conjunction with fasteners.

Nedschroef Machinery opened the Academy Nedform

In the Basque Country they train specialists in cold forming

Operation problems of threaded connections in control systems at nuclear power plants

The results of the tests series of new anti-friction coating Molykote® D- 7409 for body threaded connections of radiation-resistant television monitoring systems at nuclear power plants are presented here. According to the test results the decision to implement the technology of antifriction coatings in production is made.

Is there a future of threaded connections?

The article continues the publication beginning in previous issues. Previously the first part of the article about the perfection degree of threaded connections and the ways to improve it was published. In this issue of the magazine the continuation of the third section of the article about mechanical structures of threadless connections is given. The simplest designs of mechanical threadless connections using as a power actuator, the simplest kind of the wedge - flat – are considered.

Creating of glue-welded connections

The author describes two major ways to get glue-welded connections: gluing after welding and adhesive application prior to welding. Some typical operations of technological processes of glue-welded connections, created on these two methods, are given. The advantages and disadvantages of both methods are pointed.

CIFM / Interzum Guangzhou 2014

Calendarof foreign exhibitions

Exhibition Taiwan Hardware Show 2013

Cologne invites professionals to the exhibition!

Calendarof Russianexhibitions

Moscow hosted the 11th fastener exhibition FastTec 2013

Metal- Expo'2013: to keep balance in the market

Mitex- 2013:  tools in action

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