№ 4 (50), 2014

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WSD is developing business in Russia

In the interview Ole Dentzin, Director of WSD GmbH (Germany) Representation answers the  questions of Alexander Ostashov, Chief Editor of "Fasteners, adhesives, tools and..." Magazine. The answers highlight the activities of the enterprise in Russia.

Hybrid cold forging machines

The article presents information about a new progressive direction in the design of hybrid multi-position automates for cold die forging using servo technology. In particular, data on the use of this technology in the transport mechanisms and billets supply in multi-position cold forging machines is provided here.

Development of designs of thread rolling machines using servos

The author considers improvement of thread rolling machines based on   servo mechanisms. Precise and reliable push device equipped with a linear motor, designed by the engineers of S.M.A.R.T. Threadrolling Solutions (Italy) is presented. The new entry-pushing system provides complete absence of wear, no noise and no need for maintenance.

Screwdrivers Felo for professionals in all industries 

The publication provides information on the screwdrivers of various purposes, manufactured by the company Felo (Germany). Among them - the dielectric screwdrivers with interchangeable rods. Torque screwdrivers Felo are produced with fine adjustment of screwdriving limit. A brief description of these and other tools from a range of Felo is given.

Rivit tools for fasteners   

Modern equipment for cold die forging – to the Russian manufacturers of fasteners 

Information on the international scientific and technical conference "Modern technologies and equipment for cold die forging on automatic", which was held on 9 and 10 October in Moscow State Industrial University, is provided here. All phases of modern manufacturing processes of fixing and complex-profile details from metal preparation to control and sorting of finished parts, as well as modern equipment necessary for the fastener production, were discussed at the conference.

BelZAN of today 

JSC "BelZAN" - the leading Russian manufacturer of metal products for the automotive industry. Information on the range of its products and issues of its equipment is given. Currently implemented projects to establish new technological areas are listed. The problems that hinder the development of the Russian hardware industry are considered.

Effective solutions to prevent loosening of threaded joints 

The author presents the locking device for reliable fixation of threaded connections, developed by HARDLOCK (Japan). The device is a set of two nuts, the teamwork of which creates wedging forces resulting in the direction of the transverse axis of the thread. A comparison of test results of threaded connections with different locking elements is given.

Application of anti-friction coatings Molykote® for stainless steel fasteners 

The limitations and advantages of the use of anti-friction (the solid) coatings Molykote are considered. Recommendations on the choice of the antifriction coating brand Molykote considering performance are given. The author describes the technology of antifriction coatings application.

Universal Configurator of fasteners as an online resource for e-commerce 

Variants of online trading with fasteners are listed. The features of fasteners as the commodity nomenclature are marked. The author proposes Configurator as a filling source of online store with new positions of fasteners. The system “TechNorma” as a universal configurator, which can be integrated as a component in the structure of the websites of fastener suppliers, complementing existing online stores, is presented.

CIFM / Interzum Guangzhou 2015launches new hall           

Without spring there is no machine

In the interview Valentina Belogur, General Director of the firm "Springs Center", who also is President of  Association of Springs Manufacturers, answers the  questions of Alexander Ostashov, Chief Editor of "Fasteners, adhesives, tools and..." Magazine. The interview highlights the main issues facing the Russian manufacturers of springs.

Innovative solutions from HECO 

This is the final part of the article, the beginning of it were published in the previous magazine issue. In this section screws for concrete MULTI-MONTI® of the company HECO (Germany) are presented. The advantages and disadvantages of different ways of anchoring are pointed. The curves displacements of various types of anchors, as test result, are shown. The publication also considers another innovative product - the screws MULTI-MONTI-TimberConnect®, which combine the properties of screws for concrete and for wood.

Improving the efficiency of fastener production through planning of multifactor experiments 

The author briefly presents characteristic of classical and multifactor methods of experiments performance. Methods of multifactor experiments (MFE), depending on the objectives of the study and the expected type of regression equation are given in the table. Excerpts from the example, where the object of study is the technological process of injection molding of screws from caprolan are reviewed.

Interstate standards for fasteners, which are planned to be approved in 2015   

Glue dowels in production of furniture 

The development of Hettich (Germany) - connecting technology Hettinject, including a glue dowel Hettinject is presented here. This technology is suitable even for lightweight panels with a thin outer layer (less than 4 mm). Information on the development of appropriate technology on installation of connecting fittings is provided.

The quality of the first glass inserts in European buses has been inspected

Faulty installation 

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THS 2014 gained attention of the Russians

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