№ 4 (58), 2016

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News from Europe

Hardware industry leaders met in Cherepovets
The publication contains information about the conference "Wire-fasteners", held on September, 28-29 in the city of Cherepovets and gathered business leaders - the main Russian producers of hardware.

Fastener coatings, development of the regulatory framework are still in the focus of specialists
It contains information about the conference "Fasteners. Quality and Responsibility", which was held on November, 23-24 in St. Petersburg. There is a list of reports made at the conference. The most actual topics of the conference are highlighted here.

European fastener makers will overcome the crisis
Here is powered the interview, which Marco A. Guerritore, Editor of Italian Fastener magazine, took of Anders Karlsson, President EIFI (European Industrial Fasteners Institute). Among the responses of Mr. Carlson there were the information about the current structure of EIFI, the situation at the market , at which the European fastener producers are working, and about the possible actions of EIFI in the near future.

A new way to move the materials at a crisis economy
We present the interview of Chief Editor of the magazine with General Director of JSC "Petersburg Construction Center" Irina Belinskaya. Her answers to the questions provide the information about a new project of Petersburg Construction Center - Consortium of façade solutions, in frame of which it is planned to organize business missions to various regions of Russia.

"Fixing Union" starts its activities
The publication is devoted to the creation of a new professional community with the name "Union of manufacturers and suppliers of fixing systems" (the abbreviation according to the Charter of the organization - "Fixing Union"). The interview of Chief Editor Alexander Ostashov with Executive Director of the new organization, expert of the company Hilti, Mr. Walter Berger is posted here.

News from Taiwan

The main importers of fasteners from China
The data on the export of fastening products from China is given here. Also data on three major importers of the Chinese fasteners, one of which is Russia, are pointed.

Bulten is developing its production in Russia
The data about the company Bulten - one of the largest European manufacturers of fasteners for automobiles is given in the article. Joint Russian-Swedish enterprise "Bulten Rus” - the manufacturer of high-quality fasteners for automotive plants in Russia and the CIS is presented here. The features of the production, which let to achieve the high-quality performance, are described.

Properties of pins with the crimp head
The scheme of the connection forming is given. It is described the testing of the friction pin connections with the crimp head pins. The results of tests carried out at JSC "VNIIZhT", which were used at the design and calculations on the strength of these connections of the grain wagons carcases, are presented.

A ball clip for demountable structures
An original fastening element – a ball clip, which is designed for the demountable connection of rods and pipes to create universal support structures, is presented. Design of the ball clip and principle of its operation are described. This publication contains the data on the results of mechanical tests and calculations of stress-strain state of the ball clip during installation.

About the acceptable movements of the anchors under load
The author, based on the actual situation at the anchors tests, presented in the publication, formulates the problem. Since the need for repair of ventilated facades fixings is difficult to determine, it is necessary to develop a domestic regulatory methodology for determining the acceptable displacement of the anchoring fixings under load at the stage of input, operational and receiving and hand over control.

VHB Acrylic Tapes - new technologies in facade designs
The distinctive mechanical and chemical properties of acrylic foam mounting tape 3M ™ VHB ™ are described in the article. The information about the use of these tapes for glazing facades and balconies is given. The author presents the examples of the profile systems used in Russia and calculated for the use of 3M ™ VHB ™ Tape.

Looking through other editions

Working with the micro hardware or what a Russian man is capable
With help of this article you can get an idea on ​​the complexity of creating a micro miniature. The author gives the examples of performance and creating micro miniatures and micro tools by Vladimir Aniskin. Masterpieces of the master are in St. Petersburg museum "Ruskiy Levsha” (the Russian Lefty), which is based in the framework of the International Guild of Masters.

Innovative connection technology for sheet metal parts
This is a continuation of the article, published in two previous issues of the magazine. The part of the article, published in this issue, is devoted to the innovative methods of sheet metal parts welding: cold welding and friction welding. The schemes of the connections making are shown.

The specialists on adhesives met at the regular conference
This publication contains information about the second international scientific-technical conference "Recent advances in the field of adhesives and sealants: materials, raw materials, technology", which took place on September, 13-15 2016 in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region.

Standardization News

Calendar of the foreign exhibitions

Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2017: the exhibition continues to grow

MITEX’2016 presented the situation at the tool market

Metal-Expo’2016: the indicator of metallurgical industry development

Calendar of the Russian exhibitions