№ 4 (62), 2017

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In St. Petersburg the 6-th conference "Wire-fasteners" was held
The main issues, discussed at the 6-th All-Russian Conference "Wire-fasteners", which took place on September 27 and 28 in St. Petersburg, are listed. The conference traditionally considered the development of the situation in the hardware market and the impact of the current situation at the economy and industry on the hardware market. For the first time at the conference the issue of the production of springs was highlighted. The feedback of the conference participants are given.

Fixing to steel without welding: Hilti solutions
An alternative to welded and bolted connections with steel is offered – the non-destructive direct mounting technology developed by Hilti's specialists. A new fasteners – pin-screw Hilti S-BT, made of hardened carbon steel – is designed for use in conditions of average corrosive activity outdoors. Its advantage is the ability to install into the base material without firing a shot: a special drill SF-BT 22A and a screwdriver SFC 22-A are required to fix the stud.

About an important element of any bolted connection
The issues related to the quality of flat metal washers are considered. Their features, main characteristics are given. The purpose of the article was: a) determination of the accuracy class of washers for fixing the strength class 5.8-8.8, declared by LLC "TK Bolt.Ru" and another domestic firm as the washers of accuracy class A; b) quality control of high-strength metal washers for fixing the strength class 10.9 from the same suppliers. The results of the tests are given.

Calculation of loads on fasteners for thermal insulation
Currently, one of the most relevant and inexpensive ways to warm the walls is a system of "wet" or plaster facade. In this article we will only consider the "wet" facade due to the fact that other types of facades, for example, "ventilated", do not affect the load of fixing the insulation. On the objects, when applying dowels for thermal insulation with a reduced nail diameter, it is necessary to increase their number (with the specified parameters of calculation - in fact, 2 times). Otherwise you will violate the reliability and safety of the plaster facade system.

Bolts-protectors – corrosion protection

Screw ≠ self-tapping screw
The signs, distinguishing screws from self-tapping screws, according to the current standards, are given. The similarity of designs and manufacturing techniques is noted. The table with the requirements of standards regarding the mechanical properties and testing of screws and self-tapping screws is presented.
Self-tapping screws, in contrast to screws, pass a thermal or chemical-thermal treatment operation.

Once again about wood screws and their features
The design features of the modern wood screws used in wooden housing construction are described. These improvements have achieved the functionality of these products, as well as compliance with certain types of work. As a result, the use of new wood screws leads to the achievement of economic efficiency of construction and installation works.

Zinc-lamellar coatings. Short review
The results of tests of fasteners with zinc-lamellar coating in the saline mist chamber, the properties of these coatings and the achieved advantages are presented. The difference between zinc-lamellar coating and coating with zinc-filled paints is described. Features of the technology of application of zinc-lamellar coatings and the reasons for possible defects at performance of these works are poined.

Liquidyn valves for dosing anaerobic materials
The use of anaerobic clamps for thread at mass conveyor production requires appropriate equipment for dosing. The main difficulty in dosing is that the anaerobic sealant should not interact with the metal ions when passing through the dosing equipment, as this will cause partial curing and can seriously damage the equipment. The features of the dosing valves Liquidyn from the company Nordson EFD are considered.

Requirements for fasteners. Where are they?
Analysis of normative documents regarding fixing of windows is given. Analysis of the significance of the identified shortcomings shows that it can be qualified as non-compliance with the requirements 384-FZ "Technical Regulations on the Safety of Buildings and Structures", i.e. failure to meet security requirements, and entail significant financial losses in the framework of amendments to 214-FZ, introduced in effect since January 1 of this year. The demand to create the regulatory document, in which would be defined as the requirements for fastening elements of window blocks, as well as methods of control of fixation of window blocks to the wall openings on construction sites and when mounting windows, is noted.

Can the sale of fasteners be unique?
An interview with the business consultant Gennady Smirnov, Head of the consulting group "The Right Solution” is published. The answers reveal the concept of "Unique Trade Proposal", the features of the formation of this proposal. It is indicated that its periodic revision is necessary.

O.E.B.: Creation of an Italian screw
Mr. Cav. Del Lav. Giannantonio Brugola, Director of the Italian company O.E.B. (Officine Egidio Brugola) was interviewed by Marco A. Guerritore, Editor-in-chief of the Italian Fasteners magazine. Mr. Brugola shared his opinion about the prospects of the Italian fastening industry, the strategies of European manufacturers of fasteners.

The first year of “Fixing Union”: "We stood up to our feet"
An interview with the Chairman of the Board of “Fixing Union”, Walter Berger, is given. In his opinion, "Fixing Union" managed to take its place as an organization, which expresses the opinion of the professional community both in the fixing systems market and in the dialogue with regulatory bodies, scientific organizations, technical committees. And also the Union managed to unite not only the main players of the market, but also to attract to the work in the Union the main scientific and expert organizations in the field of fixing systems.

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