№ 4 (70), 2019

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RIV 609: doubles productivity

Conference "Wire – Fasteners 2019". There are more and more issues

DIN fasteners have conquered Russia. What's next?
Many companies currently offer fasteners by DIN. In product development, fasteners according to these standards also began to be used. The publication invites you to discuss what standards should be used further in Russia. The procedure and conditions for the application of international standards, interstate standards, regional standards, as well as standards of foreign countries are given.

Production of critical fasteners from maraging steel
The advantages of using maraging steels (MSS) for the manufacture of fasteners are noted. The widespread use of MSS is constrained by the high cost and scarcity of alloying elements for classic nickel-cobalt variants. At the same time, there are a number of economically alloyed MSS in which the combination of the required properties with a minimum content of expensive and scarce alloying elements becomes important. An example of such steel is steel 03X11H8M2F-VD (DI 52-VD). Studies of the effect of heat treatment on the properties of this steel showed the possibility of obtaining values of strength, ductility, toughness, low-cycle fatigue, exceeding the required and providing high reliability. The use of fasteners made of corrosion-resistant MSS with the complex heat treatment is economically feasible in industries with a long payback period, for example, in offshore hydrocarbon production, shipbuilding, nuclear energy.

Advantages of fasteners made of thermoplastic composite materials
The main advantages of using fasteners made of thermoplastic composite materials are considered here.
It is shown that its use is most effective in the connection nodes of structures made of composite materials, especially in structures operated in aggressive environments, under conditions of various strong radiation (electromagnetic radiation, UV and so on).

Turkey fastener market

Kanban. How the Japanese system of fastener supply works
The author provides the information about Kanban system. The features of the application of the system when working with fasteners are noted. Fasteners belong to the category of goods in which the costs of delivery and storage of products are many times higher than these elements producing costs. According to the author, with the supply of fasteners through Kanban system, logistics costs are halved.

"Black screws" – use do not throw
The experiment made by the author regarding the use of different fasteners for wooden structures is described. The units, made using perforated connecting elements, were tested under natural conditions.

Face to face: about e-commerce
Some results of the meeting of fastener suppliers in the format of an extended round table on the topic "E-commerce in the B2B market of fasteners" are presented. This meeting showed that each company seeks to actively use different IT technologies. Moreover, an integrated approach is still missing.

The honest merchant’s word
In the business environment of pre-revolutionary Russia, there was a whole set of unwritten ethical laws – in fact, a code of honor, the violation of which threatened merchants with shame and ruin of their business. Multimillion-rubles transactions were concluded orally and fastened only with a handshake and an honest merchant's word. The examples, given in the article, confirm that our country has its own traditions and culture of doing business.

Formation of strategic thinking
The author talks about his observations and the results of communication with various companies. He shares his experience of what stages “Alfa-ARS metizy” company goes through when forming strategic thinking and planning.

Bosch abandoned the threaded fixing
At the exhibition of tools MITEX 2019, Bosch showcased a new quick-attach system X-Lock for angle grinding machines. Rig replacing at an angle grinding machine has become extremely simple. Before X-Lock, the angle grinder tool had a threaded fastening with a nut or directly on a threaded shaft.

About the conference “Adhesives 2019”

Nail-driving school open
On September 27 and 28, a Nail-driving school was opened in St. Petersburg as a part of of the Carpenter's Festival. The apparent simplicity of nailing is deceptive. Despite the simplicity of the design and installation at the nails use, it is required knowledge of certain rules specified in the publication and the development of relevant skills.

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